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Internship Unit

Message from the Unit Head

Sima Refae , Ms

Head, Internship Unit

The field experience/ internship program at DAH provides students with an opportunity to enrich their university experience by relating the academic studies to actual work situations related to their academic program and career objectives, while learning new skills. The Field Experience/ Internship Unit at DAH oversees the entire field experience/ internship process.

Units Functions:

o A. Pre- Field Experience/ Internship and Ongoing Duties

  • Ensuring that all DAH academic field experience/ internship programs have a three-phase structure: pre-internship, on-site placement and reflective phases that are focused on specific tasks with defined timescales.
  • Finding new placement sites with adequate training and signing Field Experience/ Internship Service Contracts.
  • Maintaining placement sites’ database and keeping centralized records for all academic field experience/ internship programs.
  • Preparing standard forms that cover all areas related to field experience/ internship to be used by all academic programs.
  • Serving as a resource for students on the development of on-the-job professional skills and career awareness.
  • Approving international field experience/ internships in advance and meeting with interested students to discuss their roles and responsibilities.
  • Providing employers with information on academic field experience/ internship, including requested official letters and documents.
  • Updating DAH Field Experience/ Internship Handbook and approving the academic programs’ handbooks and guides.
  • Maintaining the field experience/ internship page on DAH website.
  • Carrying out duties assigned by the Vice President of Academic Affairs in relation to the DAH academic field experience/ internship program.

o B. During Field Experience/ Internship Duties

  • Providing students with the support needed during their training period.
  • Supporting academic programs and faculty supervisors and assisting them with placement site visits and other duties when needed.
  • Coordinating with the academic programs the follow up of cases where risk is anticipated and assisting with the resolution of any problems that may develop during the field experience/ internship period.​​

o C. Post Field Experience/ Internship Duties

  • Securing receiving the required reports of the evaluation of the field experience/ internship in coordination with the academic programs.
  • Meeting with the management of the programs to review and assess their academic field experience/ internship programs and follow up areas and priorities for improvements to ensure that academic training is effective in preparing the students for their future careers.
  • Assisting in the indirect measurement of DAH graduate attributes.
  • Assisting in collecting KPIs data related to field experience/ internship and collaborating with the academic programs in analysing them.
  • Assisting in preparing any required official reports on the field experience/ internship at DAH such as the accreditation and MOE reports.
  • Issuing certificates of completion of the field experience/ internship period when requested by students.


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