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Faculty Research Interests

​​​​​​​1) Dr. Inass Salamah Ali

Research Interest: Customer Relationship Management, Organizational Behavior, Employee Engagement & Emotional Intelligence


2) Dr. Adel Mohammad S. Alotaibi   ​           

Research Interest: Consumer Behavior, Marketing and Perceptions, Tourism Marketing.


3) Dr. Amani Hamza Mohammed 

Research Interest: Management and organizational Behaviour 


4) Dr. Mostafa Fawzy​

Research Interest: Management and organizational Behavior, lean concept, strategic mapping & planning, KPIs, Decision making support systems and Process improvement

5) Dr. Samah El-Agha          

Research Interest: Criminal Law, Business crimes


6) Dr. Dareen Abdulmohsen

Research Interest: Policy Change, Women's Studies, Globalizations​

7) Ms. Saida Khalifa​

Research Interest: Risk Management of Islamic Financial Institutions, Micro-financing, Product Development in Islamic Finance, Structured Financing in Islamic Finance and FinTech in Islamic Finance

8) Dr. Karima Saci

Research Interest: Behavioral Finance, Corporate finance, Investment and Commercial Banking 

9) Dr. Layla Khoja

Research Interest: Empirical Corporate Finance, Bankruptcy Prediction, Financial Market Studies, and Corporate Resilience​​​

10) Dr. Beata Maria Polok ​

Research Interest: comparative human rights, women's rights, and Muslim Personal Law.

11) Dr. Caroline Atiah 

Research Interest: Modern Middle East History, The Levant  

12) Dr. Fatmah Aljalsi

Research Interest: Women in the Islamic Jurisprudence 

13) Dr. Haitham Khoj

Research Interest: Macroeconomic, financial economics, health economics

14) Dr. Hany Abdelhamied

Research Interest: Sustainability, Human Resources, Service management​

15) Dr. Hatim Abuljadail

Research Interest:  Human Resource Management, Competency Models , Strategic Management​

16) Dr. Mariana Alice

Research Interest: Identity, Political Economy, Human Rights

17) Dr. Mohammad Abuljadail

Research Interest: International advertising, interactive advertising, social media marketing, consumer behavior, social network analysis.​

18) Dr. Mohammed Binkhames

Research Interest: Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Islamic Finance , Financial Analysis M Strategic Management 

19) Dr. Nadia Yusef

Research Interest: Economics, Finance, Banking, Sustainable development, Education, Socioeconomics, International Relations, and Entertainment

20) Dr. Rabia Monzer

Research Interest:  Contract law, Smart contracts, and Comparative studies between common, civil, and KSA laws. KSA Evidence law. 

21) Dr. Rawia Obaid

Research Interest: Managerial cost accounting , Accounting and organizational behavior, Incremental decision making

22) Dr. Tahar Lazhar Ayad
Research Interest: Business and marketing analysis, Marketing and customer behaviour, Entrepreneurship and education effectiveness, Young Entrepreneurs behaviour & analytical skills

​​​1) Dr. Alaa Al-Ban 

Research Interest: Historic Preservation, Interior design, Space planning, Islamic Architecture, Saudi Heritage, Design Education

2) Dr. Abdulaziz Banawi 

Research Interest:  Building Information Modeling (BIM): 4D Visualization, Virtual Reality, and construct-ability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): buildings materials and methods, Green Buildings and Sustainability Machine Learning and deep Learning​

3) Dr. Eman Nasrallah

Research Interest: Healthcare Design, Environmental Design, sustainability, evidence-based design, Intergenerational Interaction, and Gerontology. 

4) Dr. Jihad Farah

Research Interest:​ Environmental urban Municipal policies, Intersection of urban policies, governance and environmental issues (water, solid waste, greenary food) especially in underpriveledged contexts, urban fragmentation (in terms of divided cities and at building levels), participatory design

5) Dr. Michelle Kanaan

Research Interest: Illustration, Picture Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, Visual Storytelling

6) Dr. Mohammed Gomaa​

Research Interest:  Sustainable Urbanism, Environmental Management , Climate change adaptation, Urban development, Sea level rise adaptation, Zero energy building, Environmental assessment, Urban Microclimate, walkability analysis, GIS

7) Dr. Mostafa Sabbagh

Research Interest: Building Performance and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), IEQ in Mosques and Schools/Educational Facilities​

8) Dr. Nader Azab

Research Interest: Environmental Planning; Socioeconomic diemsions, environmental equity, sustainable development

9) Dr. Oula Aoun

Research Interest: Urban Morphology, Sustainable urban Planning, Sustainable buildings and interiors, Green urban design

10) Dr. Samar Altarteer         

Research Interest: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), User Experience (UX), Luxury brand e-commerce, Education

11) Dr. Shifana Fatima Kaafil Rehuman

Research Interest: Development of sustainable concrete, Waste water treatment, sustainable concrete from waste , Application of Fuzzy logic for Repair and Rehabilitation of structres​​

12) Dr. Tamsen Anderson

Research Interest: Development of American Industrial Suburbs, Examining the actors (municipality, industry, real estate developers, homeowners, etc.) involved in the development of American industrial suburbs, specifically in northwestern Indiana at the turn of the twentieth century.​

13) Dr. Tasneem Kabli   

Research Interest: Students learning styles, Creativity, Enhancing creativiy in design education, Design education​


1) Dr. Dheyaaldin Alsalman ​
Research Interest: Security Violations – Specifically Why Individuals Engage in Them and How to Reduce Them, Security Behaviours – Specifically How Individuals Engage in Them, Information Security Policies – Specifically How They reduce data breaches

2) Dr. Hashim Alaidarous
Research Interest: Intrusion Detection, Anomaly Detection, False positive reduction, Network Security, Cybersecurity frameworks, Risk Management, Information Security Audit

3) Dr. Homam El-Taj
Research Interest:​ ​IDS, IPS, False Positive Reduction, QR Code Security, Steganography, Cryptography, Cyber Attacks Reduction 

4) Dr. Norah Farooqi 
Research Interest:​ ​Databases , Security, Access Control, Data Science, System Development, Crowd Management, IoT.​

5) Dr. Sahar Shabanah          
Research Interest: Computer Graphics: Modelling, Simulation and Animation, Data Mining: Classification of Multi Labels Data Streams, Computer Visualization: Algorithms, Information, Medical and Scientific, Computer Games Design: Educational, Serious, Training and Simulations, Multimedia and User Interface Design, Virtual Reality Applications, Media Special Needs Applications, Image Processing and Objects Detection, Algorithms and Data Structures Visualization, Website and Mobile Applications Development, Computer Science Education, Solar Energy Simulation

6) Dr. Saoucene Mahfoudh ​
Research Interest: Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Network, Deployment Protocols, Routing Protocols, Energy Efficient Protocols, Node Activity Scheduling, Fog Computing, Underwater Sensor Network, Nano Sensor Network, Network Security, Network Quality of Service, Simulation

7) Dr. Turki AlThaqafi
 Research Interest: Adoption and use of Inner organization systems (ERP systems, Decision support systems, business continuity systems, etc.,), IT Strategy, Governance, enterprise architecture, and enterprise security. The use of artificial intelligence, and data science within organizational context. Green Computing and sustainability 

8) Prof. Abdullah Saad AL-Malaise AL-Ghamdi
Research Interest: Software and System Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, DSS and Business Intelligence

9) Professor. Wadee Alhalabi ​
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence,Virtual Reality

​​​1) Dr. Farida Adnan Larry

Research Interest: Assessment in Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Intro professional Learning in Health and Education Setting

2) Dr. Fouz Abuzaid

Research Interest: Educational Policies 

3) Dr Khalid Alfallatah​

Research Interest: ​Trauma, resilience, psychopathology. Global Meatal Health, Family Therapy, Neuroscience 

4) Dr. Mona Al Haddad
Research Interest: Education in general focusing on teacher competencies and students outcomes, teacher training, developmental disabilities ( autism -ADHA-LD), Inclusion, started to look into research about Quilty in Higher Education​

5) Dr. Mona Indargiri

Research Interest: Treatment approached in children who stutter, Stuttering, Cultural considerations in treatment approached of children with communication disorders, autism, parents training of children with autism. 

6) Dr. Rabab Al Harbi

Research Interest: Qualitative Research, teaching, learning, Evaluation and ADHD discourses.

7) Dr. Randa Hariri      

Research Interest: Education, Pedagogy, Assessment in Education, Quality in Education, Educational Leadership, Curriculum, Educational Psychology and Teacher Training.  ​

 8) Dr. Reem Abulhamayel 

Research Interest: Speech & Language Development and Disorders in children from birth to school-age in Arabic and English speaking populations, Development of Language Assessment Tools for linguistically diverse populations with the focus on Arabic speaking population., Enhancement of teaching methods to practicum students in undergraduate programs in Speech Pathology.

9) Dr. Lamis Mamdouh Baowaidan​

Research Interest: Teacher Training, Acquisition of Verbal Behaviour Developmental Cusps and Capabilities and Their Effects on Student Learning, Observational Learning and Development of Social Skills.

10) Dr. Sara Osama Silsilah​

Research Interest: Teacher training, establishing effective teaching strategies for children for ASD and developmental disabiltities ​​

11) Dr.Yaser al sabi  

Research Interest: Assessment and treatment tools, Speech and language disorders in school-aged population, Aural Rehabilitation and Voice disorders



​​1) Dr. Abeer Abdulaziz Al Doghaither

Research Interest: Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations.

2) Dr. Alaa Najjar         ​

Research Interest: Arabic language

3) Dr.  Khawla Abdul-Kader Hamdan Zahran​

Research Interest: Language Acquisition, Teaching and Learning Strategies, Motivation, and Sociolinguistics.  Any interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary project where learning a language is involved.

4) Dr. Malikah Eitani 

Research Interest: Educational Technology, Emotional Intelligence, Higher Education​

5) Dr. Saida Shehab                    ​

Research Interest: Arabic language, with Regard to the Field of Semantics

6) Dr. Shamim Shaukat Khan​

Research Interest: Pollution of air and water, Rare earth elements analysis, Wastewater studies.

7) Dr. Sheikhah Ahmed Basamh​

Research Interest: Educational leadership.

8) Dr. Eiman Kurdi          

Research Interest: Media and Communication Research, Advertising and Copywriter, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies.


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