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Central Academic Advising and Examination Unit

Message from the Unit Head

Fatimah AlDoghaither, Ms

Head, Central Academic Advising and Examination Unit

The Central Academic Advising and Examination Unit (CAAEU), under the supervision of the Academic Affairs office, is the chief academic advising support system for students and advisors at the University. In addition to ensuring the integrity of the examination process at the university. It is managed by the Head of the Academic Advising and examination unit and consists of a team of Central academic advisors (CAA) who are each responsible for the University’s Academic Advisors and final exams under different undergraduate programs.

Units Functions

  • To ensure sanity and Integrity of the final exams across DAH programs.
  • To prepare a schedule of invigilation for Chief Invigilators, Invigilators, and back up Invigilators.
  • To prepare the attendance sheets for the invigilators and attendants and ensure that all CAAEU team, chief invigilators and backup invigilators endorse the attendance sheets.
  • To prepare the attendance sheets for each venue to be used for the examination.
  • To collect the exam paper form the examiners before 30 minutes of the exam time, and keep the records of paper submitted to/from the invigilators.
  • To document all cases of examination malpractices and forward it to the dean of students and alumina relations for onward transmission to the disciplinary committee.
  • To ensure that all exam papers are retrieved back to the examiners by the end of each exam.
  • To prepare the examination report.
  • To carry out all other duties related to examinations as may be assigned by the AA office.

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