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​Accademic Quality Assurance Department

The Academic Quality Assurance Department  (AQAD) is housed under the Academic Affairs Division, and guides the academic programs throughout the three phases of accreditation process:

  1. Preparation phase- Pre-Registration.

  2. On-Site Visit Phase.

  3. ​Post-Site Phase.

The Program Accreditation Unit (AAU) at Dar Al-Hekma University aims to ensure all academic programs obtain national and/or international accreditation from reputable accrediting bodies.

​The AAU aims at:

  1. Promoting a culture of accreditation among all academic and non-academic DAH members
  2. Striving for high levels of professional knowledge, training, and activity to make positive contributions to the understanding and practice of academic program national and international accreditation
  3. Educating School Deans, Department Chairs, program directors, AAU Schools' representatives, faculty members, and administrative staff about the accreditation related practices
  4. Enhancing the significance of obtaining academic program accreditation
  5. Facilitating the processes of academic program accreditation
  6. Providing training about completion of all NCAAA documents by internal or external resources 
  7. Develop policies and procedures to ensure proper operation of the work done in the AAU 

  1. Dar Al-Hekma University seeks to improve all academic programs in line with the labor market needs and meeting the needs of the local society.
  2. Dar Al-Hekma University emphasizes quality improvement practices and adopt modern methods to improve the inputs, outputs and achieve high-level results.
  3. Dar Al-Hekma University focuses on providing high quality teaching and learning experiences for all students and educational services within learning-conducive environment to achieve excellence, attain intended goals and ensure life-long learning.
  4. Dar Al Hekma University ensures applying high quality standards in all academic programs. Academic programs are the main pillars for comprehensive development and improvement of the quality of education. 
  • Eligibility Requirements
    • ​Accreditation Documents Completion
  • Preparation for Accreditsation
    • Pre-Registration Phase
    • On-Site Visit Phase
    • Post-Site Phase
​​​​​​​Name: Dr. Randa Hariri, Associate Professor

Position: Director, Academic Accreditation Unit

Email: AAU​

Phone: + 966 12 630-3333 Ext. 825

Institutional Accreditation

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