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Curriculum Development Unit

Message from the Unit Head

Saoucene Mahfoudh, Phd

Head, Curriculum Development Unit

This unit is responsible for creating and updating academic programs and curricula. This involves designing the structure of degree programs, deciding on course offerings, and establishing the sequencing of courses. The unit will improve the academic programs and monitor the curriculum review cycle and the quality of academic programs curricula, policies, procedures, and guidelines related to the curriculum.

Units Functions:


  • Develop and revise academic curricula.
  • Develop curriculum guidelines, forms and policies related to various aspects of academic planning and any policies related to the structure and administration of the Plan of Study.
  • Ensure that study plans meet accreditation and institutional requirements.
  • Maintain and confirm that the program curriculum and courses meet the Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Qualification Framework (NQF).
  • Prepare the necessary reports on the academic curriculum regarding their conformity with the National Authority for Academic Accreditation (NCAAA) forms and submit them to the University Council (UC) for review and approval.
  • Create and review proposed new/revised plans of study.
  • Stay current with educational trends and best practices in curriculum design.
  • Maintain and confirm that the proposed program and course for review follow the University Curriculum Review Guide, policies, forms, and review cycle.
  • Revise all curriculum development forms.
  • Prepare University exit exam.


  • Develop and revise academic programs.
  • Develop guidelines, forms and policies related to various aspects of the creation of new programs and revisions to existing programs.
  • Review and approve a new program's initial and comprehensive feasibility study.
  • Review and approve the proposed program changes raised by the Department Curriculum Committees to ensure that the changes are consistent with the vision and mission of the School, University, and Community needs.
  • Consider proposals for changes to programs and courses, ensuring that these changes are consistent with the university's vision, mission, and the broader needs of the community. They aim to minimize duplication of courses across different departments or programs.


  • Develop and revise academic programs.
  • Recommend and develop guidelines, forms and policies related to proposing new courses, deleting courses of existing courses and course prerequisites.
  • Review and approve course changes, additions, and deletions to avoid duplication of courses across Departments/Programs.
  • Review and approve the nature of delivering a course.

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