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The Scientific Research Center Overview

The Scientific Research Center was established in 2012 to promote, encourage, and support the University's advancement of research and development. The center aims to support faculty, students, and researchers by establishing policies and guidelines to govern research practices to protect the safety and confidentiality of human subjects, conform to research ethics, and offer programs to support DAH researchers in DAH research priorities aligned with the national priorities and the global needs. The center also empowers DAH researchers by facilitating workshops and lectures on research and publishing presented by distinguished researchers in addition to providing support and services to DAH and non-DAH researchers.

Other than holding seminars, research forums, and scientific conferences to disseminate research and contribute to the knowledge economy, by shedding light on DAH research projects and facilitating publication, the Scientific Research Center seeks to build sustainable partnerships with several sectors such as the development and economic sectors to maximize the benefit of the research outcomes.

​University Research Committee

The University Research Committee facilitates the research process, enhancing productivity, and offering guidance on research affairs. It also oversees academic and research integrity. Furthermore, the committee collaborates in developing and revising policies, guidelines and reports. It plays a role in facilitating communication between the Scientific Research Center and research applicants, both internally and externally.​​

Research Ethics Committee (National Committee of Bioethics)

​The Research Ethics Committee evaluates research conducted at the university or by university members from an ethical standpoint, in accordance with the provisions of The Law and Regulation of Ethics of Research on Living Creatures. The committee aim to monitor the research process and protect research participants.​

  • ​​Orientation, training, and workshops in research and publication.
  • Research statistics tools.
  • Similarity-checking software that is used for plagiarism (Ithenticate).
  • The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software is installed in several labs across the university 
  • Subscription to Endnote
  • ​Subscription to Scopus data base​​
  • Research Studio
  • Research Seminars
  • ​​Research Hours ​​

​​​​​​​The Faculty Research Award is annually conferred to recognize and celebrate the scientific research excellence of DAH faculty. This award motivates DAH faculty and encourages them to produce outstanding research publications, research activities, and scientific innovations. Submitted applications are judged by the Outstanding Performance Award Committee following defined criteria, and winners are awarded a monetary prize provided by Dr. Hussien Mohammed Al-Sayyed Award for Research and celebrated in a special ceremony. 

​​​​​The Visiting Researcher Program​

To achieve its mission of providing an environment that encourages scientific research to fulfill the goals of expanding the strategic contribution of academic research, and to attain social and research impact nationally and internationally, the Dar Al-Hekma has introduced the Visiting Researcher program. This program aims to enhance the supportive and integrated research environment at the University in alignment with the national research vision and priorities by hosting internationally distinguished researchers.  It also facilitates the transfer of international experiences and promotes the skills of DAH researchers. Accordingly, the program should enhance international research collaboration, increase joint research, and elevate the University’s research productivity. 

​The Research Fund Program 

The Research Fund Program aims to motivate and support researchers to produce high-quality publications in all scientific fields thus contributing to scientific knowledge in alignment with national research priorities. It provides a productive research environment that will encourage local and global interdisciplinary collaborations.   This program offers grants, article processing charges, consultations, or other related kinds of support, including:

  1. Recognizing DAH's prolific researchers.
  2. Providing financial support for researchers who needed recourses to conduct quality/excellent research.
  3. Providing financial support for articles processing charges.
  4. Providing consultation sessions for researchers.
  5. Motivating and encouraging faculty to work on research to increase DAH's research publication in alignment with the national research priorities.
  6. Encouraging faculty to work collaboratively with other national and international researchers to benefit from each other's experiences and to produce interdisciplinary research outcomes. 

​​​​​​​Research Ethics Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure scientific research integrity and to encourage an honest and responsible practice of research conducted at the University.

Research Equipment Policy 

The policy governs the rules, regulations, and procedures followed in purchasing and maintaining research equipment.

R​esearch Definition Policy 

The policy defines the concept of research at Dar al-Hekma University recognizing DAH members' research output. 

Research Fund Policy

The Scientific Research Center (SRC) is committed to promoting innovative academic research, ensuring that high-quality research studies are being conducted at Dar Al-Hekma University (DAH), and providing funds for research projects.

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