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About the Library

The Library supports the growing programs of Dar Al-Hekma University, as well as giving adjunct information and materials to our community of scholars. Technology extends to onsite hardware available at the Library. Students and faculty will find 40 Internet-ready computers with all the latest software to meet their research needs. All these services are offered by a friendly and dynamic Library staff. 


The Library's opening hours are Sunday to Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
Saturday, 10:00 p.m. To 16:00 p.m. 

Extended Working Hours

To request extending the official working hours ​ click ​here

Closing Period

  • Weekend ( Friday) 
  • Public and University Holidays
  • DAH Emergency Closure Days​

​ ​​​​​​​​Library Mission​

“To provide the university community with a welcoming space, quality services, and diverse resources to foster creativity in learning, teaching, and research​".​

Dr. Shaza Gaz​dar 

Library Manager

​EXT. 250 Media Center

​Ms. Linah Nazarh

Chief Librarian

EXT. 548 Center Library

​Ms.Weaam Almuzain

Senior Librarian- Reference Librarian 
EXT. 621 Center Library     ​​​​

​Ms. Haya Shoaib​

​Library Assistant

Ext. 167

​​​​​​​ ​Borrowing Policies

  • Information on what you can borrow can be found at the information desk.
  • Library has extensive collections to help you get the materials you need for your classes and research. The options below will help you get what you need as quickly as possible.
  • Delivery books is a service for DAH Library patrons. Patrons can request that an item be shipped from the main library to your offices of their choosing for more convenient pickup.(Faulty only) DVDs and CDs are excluded from this delivery service.​

Library User Responsibilities​

As a borrower, it is your responsibility to:

  • Keep the borrowed items in good physical condition.
  • Return or renew library materials by the due date.
  • Be aware of the library materials' due date as shown in My Account.
  • Report a lost items immediately to the Library.
  • Show damage to Circulation staff before borrowing, to avoid paying charges for pre-existing damage.

You should NOT

  • Loan your University card to anyone else to use.
  • Deface library materials.
  • Write, underline, or use a highlighter in library materials.
  • Fold, cut, or tear pages from library materials.
  • Leave self-adhesive notes or paper clips in library materials.

Library Ru​les

Library is a place for study, reading, and research. Therefore, to provide better services, the library users are advised to abide by the following rules:

  • Library material, hardware and facilities are not to be damaged or defaced. Users are responsible for complying with intellectual property and copyright policy when using the internet, photocopying or printing Library materials.
  • Users are responsible for respecting the privacy and intellectual property rights of other library patrons.
  • Library users should keep quiet inside the library. Respect the needs of the other users.
  • Eating, drinking, are absolutely prohibited inside the library.
  • Using mobile phones inside the library is strictly prohibited; keep mobiles on silent mode.
  • Do not shelve books yourself after use. Leave them on the tables to be shelved by the library staff.
  • Do not take out the library materials without following proper borrowing procedures.
  • Remove personal items, papers, bottles and other refuse while leaving the library.
  • Do not leave your reading materials and notebooks in the library.
  • Please treat library materials, equipment's, and furniture with care.
  • Library users are requested to cooperate with library staff and follow library instructions.
  • Users are requested to leave Library books or materials on the reading table after usage, if they do not wish to borrow them.
  • Study rooms or computers can be reserved at the Library Information Desk for quiet or group study for a maximum of two hours only.
  • Users must not use the Library for art or model project preparations.
  • The DAH Library is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any personal belongings left in the Library or in a locker.
  • The Library staff reserve the right to remove books and other articles left unattended on chairs and tables.
  • Library staff will make an announcement ten minutes before closing time informing users to vacate the Library.
  • Library users should keep quiet inside the library. Respect the needs of the other users.

​ Emergency Procedures​

  • Users will abide by all emergency procedures of the university.
  • In case of evacuation of the Library premises, users must leave the area according to the instructions of the safety team.
  • No users will be allowed to stay in the Library during emergency evacuation.

Circulation Policy - Faculty

  • Overdue books - SR1/day.
  • Overdue journals and references - SR5/day..
  • Fines are not accrued on days the Library is closed.
  • Lost books - SR350 plus fine.
  • Lost journals - SR100 plus fine.
  • Lost Audio-Visual materials/references - SR500.
  • 10 books at a time.
  • 1 reference and audio-visual – overnight or on the weekend.
  • One semester book circulation is available when you inform the Information Desk Staff.
  • Books may be renewed once for two weeks.
  • Reserve items – as the faculty request.

Visiting Patrons Policy

  • The Library offers visiting patrons the opportunity to use and borrow library material and use all Library facilities under the following conditions:
    • Completing the “Application for Membership (Visiting Patron)” and securing approval from the Library Director and/or the Provost.
    • Paying an annual fee of SR50 and paying a deposit of SR350 which will be refunded to her when she decides to cancel her membership.
  • A Visiting patron must return her Visiting Patron card when her membership is expired or terminated, for the deposit to be returned.
  • A visiting patron has the right to borrow one Main Collection book at a time for a period of two weeks.
  • A visiting patron has the right to renew a Main Collection book for a further two weeks, if there are no holds placed on it.
  • A visiting patron does not have the right to borrow any other materials, including but not limited to, periodical, or audiovisual materials, or to use electronic databases subscribed to by the Library.
  • All policies concerning overdue fines apply to visiting patrons. Unpaid fines and fees will be subtracted from the original deposit.
  • A visiting patron loses her membership privileges when she fails to return a book after it is 30 days overdue, at which point her deposit is forfeited.

Copy Right

  • The use of copyrighted material in any form is governed by the DAH University Intellectual Property policy, Saudi laws, and Fair Use guidelines.
  • Library patrons must fully acknowledge, document and properly format the authorship and source of the material while using. Library owned copyrighted material in teaching, research or for their classroom.
  • The Library must abide by the implied or explicit license agreements with software providers in terms of copyright and duplication of materials.
  • The Library takes seriously the matter of copyright ownership and rights in adherence to fair use standards. Library patrons who fail to adhere to copyrights will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  • Library patrons have the right to use the Library services to print a few pages from larger work or print single copies of an article for research or instructional usage in the classroom with printing charges applied by the Library.
  • Library patrons must not make duplications of entire books, audio/visuals, computer software, or multiple copies of the same material.
  • Classroom lecture materials, such as slides, lectures, handouts are under copyright of the owner and unless permission is given by the owner, the Library will not provide copies.

Library Study Room Policy

  • A group using a study room may not make noise that disturbs another Library customer or the Library staff.
  • A group using a study room must completely vacate the room at least 15 minutes before the Library's closing time.
  • A group must leave a study room in the condition in which the room was found.
  • A group may not affix, tape, or fix with an adhesive any item to any part of a study room, including a wall, door, or woodwork.
  • The individual making the reservation, as well as the group as a whole, is responsible for damages that result from the group's use of the meeting room Rooms may be reserved for two hours per session.
  • The study rooms are used only for academic activities.
  • In between scheduled appointments, students can use the study room for quiet study.
  • The maximum capacity of a study room is 25 people.
  • Library users requiring assistance with audio-visual equipment from Library staff must specify this at the time of reserving the study room.
  • It is the responsibility of the person using the study room to ensure that it is left in a neat and tidy condition.
  • No parties, food, or loud talking is allowed in the study rooms.
  • Students who do not abide by the rules listed in this policy will lose their study room privileges.
  • The study rooms must not be used to glue, cut, paste, or paint art or educational projects.
  • Students who do not abide by the rules listed in this policy will lose their study room privileges.
  • The Library takes no responsibility for personal items left in the study rooms.

Library Events 

  • Contribute  with International Volunteer Day

  • Honesty Library and book sale

  • World Teacher Day

  • Saudi National Day 

  • Book sale Corner  For Faculty member

  • Education Collection Gallery​

  • Foundation Day 2022

  • ​Fashion Collection Gallery

  • Health Collection Gallery 

​Library Facilities​​

  • Library media center

  • 5 group study rooms

  • 8 individual study rooms

  • 14 individual study units

  • 1 meeting room


Visit the Reference Desk

A professional Librarian can answer your questions at the Reference Desk in the (Main) Library.


Send your request thru library web page at Co​ntact Us​

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