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​Student Activities and Involvement



We organize and host a wide range of events throughout the year such as DAH Annual Bazaar, Annual Clubs Fair, Student Council Election Day, Sha’abana, DAH Career Fair, Saudi National Volunteer Day Event, Change your life style cooking competitions, Ramadan Keswa Bazaar, Sports Tournaments, and many more.​

Lectures & Workshops

Under the umbrella of the 5-D program, Dar Al-Hekma offers different types of lectures and workshops in different fields such as:​

  • The L'oreal workshops
  • Chalhoub workshop​
  • Sports Hour workshops
  • Career Fair workshops
  • Local and Global sustainability workshop​
  • Ethics and community engagement workshop


DAH field trips are one of the best tools that can be used to provide every student with a real-world experience. When students leave the classroom, they see the connections between what is happening in theory. The University provides trips that serve different purposes starting from local, and international entertaining trips, community service trips, academic and educational trips, conferences, and training trips:

Local Trips

  • Safari
  • AlUla​
  • Hiking
  • Theme Parks
  • Red Sea Film Festival​
  • Biennale Exhibition
International Trips

​Alyamam Walk Way, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, Conference Moltaqa Al Million for volunteering held by Jeddah Municipality, Salem Bin Mahfouz Entrepreneurship Forum, Hilton Woman Empowerment conference held by The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arabic language celebration by The Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

  • ​2023 Trip to Bali​
  • 2020 Tip to Korea
  • 2019 Trip to Zanzibar
  • 2018 Trip to Greece
  • 2017 Trip to Spain
  • 2016 Trip to Bulgaria
  • 2015 Trip to Japan
  • 2014 Trip to Austria
  • 2013 Trip to Italy 

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