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Summer Courses

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Dar Al-Hekma University is offering online summer courses taught by acclaimed faculty.

Summer courses will be running over 4-weeks from June 6 -  July 6, 2021. All courses will be counted towards your university degree and are offered to:

  • 10th to 12th grade High School students

  • Students from local and international universities 

Select from a list of various courses: 

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For an overview about our Summer courses click here

Tuition Fees for Summer Courses

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Note:VAT will apply for non-Saudis. Architecture courses have different rates per credit.  

  • Student (University Student/High Schooler): Upon passing a course, these students will be able to transfer it and will receive a transcript of records.
  • An Auditor (The General Public):  is a university graduate,  who attends a course to acquire knowledge.  An Auditor neither receives credit for the course nor can she transfer the course.
    • Auditor Evaluated, the applicant will have to take the exams administered in the course and will receive a transcript of records.
    • Auditor Non-evaluated, the applicant will not be evaluated while attending the course and will receive a transcript of records.

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