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​The Extra-curricular Program


5-D Program (130 Hours)

​As a university student and a Dar Al-Hekma one in particular, you will have the chance of participating in a variety of activities beyond the classroom walls. The Five -Dimension (5-D) program at Dar Al-Hekma University has been carefully developed to enrich your educational journey and university experience. It offers structure to your experiences based on addressing the Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Physical, and Self-development dimensions.

What is the 5-D Program?

​The 5-D program is DAH University's unique initiative of a distinctive extra-curricular program to help enhance students' development and growth in five different domains.

​The program aims to:

  • Develop a spirit of citizenship among students.
  • Acquaint students with social issues in the community.
  • Assist students in developing life and cognitive skills that may be used towards creating a CV and choosing a career.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop positive relationships with members and organizations in the community.
  • Develop an environment of collegiality, contribution, and participation among students, DAH, and the community.
  • Develop self-esteem, spiritual and physical health, communication skills, personal efficiency, personal identity, spiritual growth, and morals’ development.
  • Every undergraduate student needs to complete 130 un-credited community service hours during her years of study at DAH.

The following are some examples of beneficial extra-curricular activities:

  • Serving on the student council board enhances your leadership skills.
  • Doing volunteer work for the community increases your commitment to the community..
  • Participating in the sports teams helps you build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Being a member in a club enhances your social skills.
  • Taking a part-time job at DAH while maintaining high academic achievement teaches you responsibility and upgrades your time management skills.

​If you have questions about the 5-D Program you can send an email to: to schedule an appointment!

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