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​ Career Development Office

The Path to Career Readiness

The Office of Career Development at Dar Al-Hekma University offers students services, such as providing them with resources and assistance in the formulation and implementation of their career plans. The Office also supports students in setting their career goals and working towards achieving them.

Whether students are looking for a job, learning about careers, wanting to connect with alumni and employers, or just tweaking and refining their résumé, the Office of Career Development helps students in every step they take, guides them, builds their career readiness skills, follows up on them, and encourages them in their new undertakings.


The mission of the Office of Career Development is to guide students toward career success through personalized support, innovative programs, and strategic partnerships.


​The first step in our students' success story is choosing the right major. To be able to do that, freshman students take a career-interest assessment to make sure that they are placed in the majors that suit ​their interests and abilities so that they can successfully pave the way for their future careers.

​The career interest assessment, which is done by administering an internationally recognized assessment, is followed by a consultation/coaching session with a certified specialist.

​Students can schedule a one-on-one session to discuss their interests, strengths, and aspirations, and receive personalized advice tailored to their unique career paths ​such as: planning their careers, developing their skills, reviewing their resume, taking mock interviews, and sitting for assessments to raise their self-awareness to become prepared to succeed in their future careers​​

​The Student Employment Program encourages students to be ​successful, efficient, and proactive in the University community provides them with the financial assistance that they may need, and gives them the chance to build up experience. The program is an hourly employment system.

The Office of ​Career Development coordinates a diverse range of on-campus employment options tailored to accommodate various interests, schedules, and career aspirations of students. On-campus employment opportunities include options such as working in the library, in data entry, photography, and design, along with other options.​​

​​​Events and activities organized by the Office of Career Development:  

Workshops and Training

To be fully prepared for entering the labor market, it is important that students understand their own strengths and preferences. Taking part in the

Our workshops and training courses are practical and interactive. Students will receive a great deal of personal guidance, covering a variety of topics including resume building, making an effective LinkedIn profile, creating a career plan, and mastering interview techniques and business etiquette. 

Dar Al-Hekma Annual Career Fair​

Dar Al-Hekma Annual Career Fair is the best way to establish meaningful connections with a range of employers and practice essential for students' professional development skills. The career fair offers students the opportunity to ask questions about employers, explore different job and internship opportunities, build relationships with prospective employers, and learn about different industries. Employers specifically​ participate in our fair to meet our students and use this opportunity to give them a head start in the competitive internship and labor market.​

Collaboration with Companies​​

The Office of Career Development serves as a bridge between academic learning and real-world success by fostering strategic collaborations with leading companies in different industries. Through those collaborations, companies can increase their on-campus employment and brand visibility, support students career development, and be the gateways to different jobs and internships.​

Contact Details

​For consultations students can schedule an appointment in-person or online through the link: Book your appointment for career advising services 

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