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Admission Requirements

Requirements by Schools
​​ Programs Master of Business Administration Master Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
Requirements Pass Interview
TOEFL Score 530 550
Required Bachelor Degree A Bachelor Degree in Any Field

Note: The Master of Business Administration program is offered in Arabic and English.​

Programs Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis   Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Master of Educational Leadership
RequirementsPass Interview
Pass InterviewPass Interview
TOEFL Score (University Level)550 
Required Bachelor DegreeA Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Special Education or other related fieldsA Bachelor Degree in Speech-Language Pathology or Speech, Language and Hearing Science or other related fields A Bachelor Degree in any field​

Programs Master of Architecture
​Bachelor GPA 3.75 out 5​
TOEFL Score 550
Required Bachelor Degree A Bachelor Degree in Architecture, a
Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture or a Bachelor
Degree in Interior Design
Other Admission Requirements Digital Portfolio

​ Programs Master of Science in Information Systems  
Required Bachelor Degree A Bachelor Degree in Information Systems 
or Computer Science, or a Bachelor Degree
in Business with Concentration in IS, IT or MIS

Other Requirements
  • ​The applicant must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.75 on a scale of 5, or its equivalent. In some cases, admission can be granted for applicants with a "C+" grade.
  • The applicant who holds a Bachelor's Degree from outside the Kingdom must meet the admission criteria as follows:
    • Saudi applicants who have an undergraduate degree from outside the Kingdom must obtain an equivalency from the Ministry of Education's Certificate Equivalency Committee or submit the original certificate stamped by The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM)
    • Non-Saudi applicants who have an undergraduate degree from outside the Kingdom must obtain a recommendation that their degree is equivalent to one earned in the Kingdom from the Ministry of Education's Certificate Equivalency Committee.
  • An oral interview for further evaluation for all programs.
  • The applicant must have at least one to three years of work experience (depending on the program).

·  The applicant must take the TOEFL ITP at Dar Al-Hekma University or take the International TOEFL Test (iBT), or the IELTS (Academic) to prove her proficiency in the English language.

Master of Business Administration ​​
530 or above71 or above6 or above169 or above
All Master programs
550 or above
79 or above
6.5 or above
176 or above

  • No TOEFL score is required for both programs Master of Educational Leadership and Master of Business Administration 
    as they are offered in Arabic. 
  • Due to the current COVID-19 situation, TOEFL IBT Home Edition, Cambridge English Scale (Linguaskill) and IELTS Indicator are accepted as an English Proficiency Tests for Acceptance to DAH Master Programs.

  • For the Master of Architecture, the applicant is required to submit a digital portfolio (a single PDF document optimized not to exceed 15 MB).
  • Applicants applying to the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology must complete their internship year.
  • Applicants for the Master of Educational Leadership Program should be fluent in the Arabic language as it is the language of instruction in this program.
  • Applicants must have a record of good conduct and behavior.

  • Applicants must complete a health record which proves whether they are medically fit.
  • Applicants with disabilities including, physical disability, learning disability, speech and hearing impairment and low vision, have the right to apply to DAH University.

The following categories of applicants might have conditional acceptance:

    • Applicants having a GPA less than 3.74 out of 5 in their bachelor degree;
    • Applicants who have low performance due to critical health issues or personal problems;
    • Applicants have scored between 549-510 on the TOEFL test.

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