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​Research Strategy 


To achieve the above-mentioned goal, the following objectives have been set:

  • Objective 1: Establish and promote strategic & sustainable research collaborations

  • Objective 2: Encourage joint research (intradisciplinary, multidisciplinary)

  • Objective 3: Promote research excellence and innovation 

  • Objective 4: Improving the research capacity and efficiency 

  • Objective 5: Encourage research publication in alignment with national and international research standards & priorities

  • Objective 6: Improve research governess and infrastructure

  • Objective 7: Facilitate student's research opportunities and raise its visibility to the community

  • Objective 8: Support & commercialize research and innovations


To create a culture of research that contributes to the knowledge economy by empowering researchers and encouraging research excellence.

Research Priorities

​Inspired by the DAH vision and mission, the former research strategic plan, the study conducted in collaboration with Emkan Education Company, DAH research SWOT analysis, feedback from the faculty, and the University’s research mission, the following were identified as Dar Al-Hekma University’s research priorities for 2021-2026: 

  • Economic Prosperity

  • Deep-Rooted Identity

  • Quality Life

  • Sustainability

  • ​Investing for the Future

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