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Al-Elm Foundation

About the Foundation

Al-Elm Charitable Foundation is the owner and founder of Dar Al-Hekma University. A license was issued by the Ministry of Education for Al-Elm Charitable Foundation No. (1) dated 1/1/1427 AH pursuant to Ministerial Resolution No. 6/12/3/334 dated 4/1/1420 AH based on Cabinet Resolution No. 137 dated 6/8/1419 AH stipulating that the Ministry of Higher Education undertakes the establishment of charitable institutions for educational purposes above the secondary level. Al-Elm Charitable Foundation is now underthe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development under the Associations and Civil Institutions Law issued by Cabinet Resolution No. (61) dated 02/18/1437 AH and its implementing regulations issued by Ministerial Resolution No. (73739) dated 06/11/1437 AH.


The establishment of Al- Elm Charitable Foundation was the fruit of the ardent work of a group of determined national personalities who believe in the importance of education, creativity, research, and the consolidation of institutional charitable work. These personalities are:

  1. HE. Mr. Saleh bin Ali Al-Turki

  2. Eng. Zuhair bin Hamed Fayez

  3. Eng. Qais bin Ibrahim Jlidan

  4. Mr. Abdullah Saleh Kamel

  5. Eng. Yahya bin Mohammed bin Laden

  6. Eng. Osama bin Hussein Al-Sayed

  7. Mr. Muhammad Wajih bin Hassan Sharbatly

  8. Eng. Adel bin Ahmed Bushnaq

  9. HE.Eng. Zaki bin Muhammad Ali Farsi

  10. Eng. Adnan bin Ahmed Al-Maghrabi

  11. Eng. Abdullah bin Ahmed Bugshan

  12. Eng. Imad bin Abdul Qadir Al-Muhaidib

  13. His Excellency Mr. Basil bin Muhammad Khair Al-Ghalayini

  14. HE.Prof. Dr. Osama bin Sadiq Tayeb

  15. HE.Mr. Ghassan bin Ahmed Al Sulaiman

  16. Mr. Hussein bin Ali Shobokshi

General Secretariat


Dr. Abdul Qadir bin Muhammad Dawood Tonkal holds the position of Secretary General of Al-Elm Charitable Foundation.

Al-Elm Foundation Goals and Objectives

  1. Establishing a non-profit private university: Dar Al-Hekma University.

  2. Providing a non-profit educational service above the secondary level.

  3. Owning private non-profit colleges and universities for boys and girls as per the regulations of non-profit private colleges and universities.

  4. Providing vocational education and training services for male and female students through the establishment of vocational training institutes and academies in accordance with the regulations of the Technical Vocational Training Corporation.

  5. Constructing buildings, owning, and renting real estate through which the foundation performs its services.

  6. Helping students to continue their studies by providing financial aid and scholarships from donors.

  7. Deploying the Foundation’s funds and real estate assets in investment activities and projects to support and finance the establishment of educational institutions and achieve the mission of the Foundation.

The Foundation has the right to establish branches within the Kingdom in accordance with the Law and the implementing regulations.

Members Of The Board Of Trustees


Dr. Adnan bin Abdullah Al Mazroua

Chairman of the Board


Eng. Adnan bin Ahmed Al-Maghrabi

Vice-Chairman of the Board


Eng. Waleed bin Ahmed Bahmdan

Financial Supervisor


Mr. Ghassan bin Ahmed Al-Amoudi

Member of the Board


Mr. Muwaffaq bin Ali Hashemi

Member of the Board


Mr. Muhammad bin Ali Al Radhi

Member of the Board


Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Alem

Member of the Board


Mr. Adel Kazem

Secretary of the Council


Mrs. Salwa bin Abdul Aziz Abdul Raqib

Member of the Board


Mrs. Basma bin Adel Bushnaq

Member of the Board

The Foundation's Headquarters and Address

The Foundation's headquarters:

Jeddah, Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

National Address: 6702 Prince Majed - Al-Fayhaa District, Unit No. (1), Jeddah 22246. 4872

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