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School of Engineering, Computing and Design

Department of Visual Communication

Bachelor of Visual Communication - Graphic Design Track
Bachelor of Visual Communication - Motion Graphics Track

Department of Interior Design

Bachelor of Interior Design

Department of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture
Master of Architecture

Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - General Track
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Software Engineering​ Track
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Intelligent Systems Track
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Data Analytics​ Track
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Game Development Track

Department of Cybersecurity

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity-General Track
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity-Ethical Hacking Track
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity-Computer Forensics Track

Department of Information System

Bachelor of Information System
Master of Science in Information Systems

Facilities and Labs

Research and Publications

Student Work

Program Directors
& Faculty

Faculty - Hekma School of Engineering, Computing and Informatics

Highly qualified, dedicated and passionate Saudi and expatriate faculty and senior administrators provide the highest standards of academic services.

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Mr. Abdelqader Kamal Alnobani


Dr. Abdullah Saad Alghamdi

Visiting Faculty

Ms. Abeer Kheder AlGhamdi


Dr. Alaa Zaher Al- Ban

Assistant Professor

Abdulmohsen Mohammed Adas

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Ahmed Khaled Nasseraldin

Assistant Professor

Ms. Arwa Yousef Ismail Jan


Ms. Ayhan Mohammad Amin Niyaz


Dr. Dheyaaldin Hashim AlSalman

Assistant Professor

Ms. Eman Islam


Dr. Eman Nizar Nasrallah

Director - Assistant Professor

Dr. Hashim Mohammed Alaidarous

Chair - Assistant Professor

Dr. Ghadah Abdulrahman Alghamdi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anas Mohammed Al Tirawi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Homam Reda Kamel El-Taj

Director - Assistant Professor

Dr. Imed Ben Dhaou

Associate Professor

Ms. Jumana Ezmirly


Ms. Laila Abuljadayel


Dr. Michelle Abdo Kanaan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohammed Mansour Gomaa

Chair - Assistant Professor

Ms. Missan Anas Madani

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Norah Saleh Farooqi

Associate Professor /Vice President- Graduate Studies, Business and Research

Dr. Nader Yehia Azab

Director - Associate Professor

Dr. Ruaa Abdelbadie Lary

Chair- Assistant Professor

Salma Yahya Bokhary


Dr. Sahar Siraj Shabanah

Acting Vice President /Dean - Assistant Professor

Dr. Samar Awad AlTarteer

Director - Scientific Research Center / Assistant Professor

Dr. Saoucene Alh Mahfoudh

Chair - Assistant Professor

Dr. Shifana Fatima Kaafil Rehuman

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sema Ghazi Refae


Ms. Shatha Abu Al Faraj


Dr. Turki Abdullah AlThaqafi

Director - Assistant Professor

Dr. Tamsen Song Anderson

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tasneem Hassan Kabli

Vice Dear/Chair - Assistant Professor

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