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School of Engineering, Computing and Design


Imagine a vibrant learning environment where the boundaries between disciplines blur, leading to groundbreaking ideas and solutions. This is the reality at SECD a unique environment that merges the School of Engineering, the School of Computing, and the School of Design into a single powerhouse of creativity and innovation.

Breaking Down Barriers, Building the Future: Engineers work alongside designers to develop aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly technology. Computer scientists team up with architects to design intelligent buildings of the future. Visual communication students collaborate with interior designers to create immersive experiences within a space. Such collaborations are not just theoretical; they are actively encouraged through interdisciplinary projects, joint workshops, and even dedicated research labs where students from different backgrounds tackle complex challenges together. This fosters a culture of innovation where students learn from each other and push the boundaries of their respective disciplines.

Beyond the Classroom: Enriching the Architectural Journey: SECD understands that learning extends beyond the classroom walls. Recognizing the importance of firsthand experience for architecture students, the school curates’ unique trips that broaden their perspective and enrich their understanding of the built environment. These trips can range from exploring historical and iconic architectural wonders in different parts of the world to visiting cutting-edge sustainable buildings and construction sites. Students have the opportunity to engage with renowned architects, engineers, and designers, gaining insights into the real-world application of the concepts learned in class.

Capstone Exhibition: The culmination of SECD experience is the captivating capstone student exhibition. This annual event showcases the collaborative projects undertaken by students from across the merged school. These projects are not just demonstrations of individual skill but testaments to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. At the exhibition, visitors encounter innovative solutions, prototypes, and installations that bridge the gap between engineering, computing, and design. This event not only celebrates student achievements but also serves as a platform to share groundbreaking ideas with the broader community and potential collaborators.

SECD Where the Future is Designed & Engineered: This groundbreaking merger fosters an environment where creativity meets technical expertise, and collaboration fuels innovation. By merging the School of Engineering, the School of Computing, and the School of Design, SECD equips its students to become the architects of a brighter future, one where technology and design seamlessly connect to create a better world. SECD is a vibrant institution dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation across five distinct yet interconnected departments:

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