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Message from the chair of the Education Department

Welcome to the Department of Education at Dar Al-Hekma University!

As the Chair of this esteemed department, it is my privilege to extend a warm greeting to all visitors, stakeholders, and members of our academic community. Our department is dedicated to fostering excellence in education, both in scholarship and practice, and to preparing the next generation of educators, leaders, and researchers who will shape the future of learning.

Education is the cornerstone of progress and prosperity in any society. It is through education that individuals unlock their potential, cultivate critical thinking skills, and contribute meaningfully to their communities. Here at the School of Education, Health and Behavioral Sciences, we are committed to providing a rigorous and comprehensive education that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to excel in a rapidly changing world.

Our faculty members are leaders in their fields, conducting cutting-edge research and engaging in innovative teaching practices that push the boundaries of knowledge and inspire our students to reach new heights of achievement. Whether you are interested in K-12 education, special education, education administration, educational policy, or any other aspect of the field, you will find a wealth of opportunities for intellectual growth and personal development within our department.

As we navigate the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, the role of education has never been more vital. Together, let us work to build a brighter future for all through the transformative power of learning.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Education at Dar Al-Hekma University. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.

Lamis Mamdouh Baowaidan, Ph.D. BCBA-D, IBA

Chair, Department of Education

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