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Department of Education Operational Plan

Strategic Objectives
Project Title
1.1 Expand & enhance collaborations with
national and international organizations.
Activate collaborations to lead to successful outcomes.
1.2 Invest in state-of-the art and cutting-edge
technology across all programs.
Enhance the use of technology and innovative technology
in all academic programs.
Activate blended learning in academic programs.
1.3 Invest in the expansion of academic programs.
Offer the newly added undergraduate and graduate
programs that meet the requirements of the labor market.
2.1 Ensure meeting high quality standards
nationally and internationally.
Complete the Programmatic Accreditation/
Validation requirements.
Join the QS Program Ranking.
2.2 Strengthen the quality of academic programs.
Ensure a sustainable and successful academic programs.
Ensure the delivery of an aligned curriculum with the
labor market needs.
2.3 Raise the efficiency of internal operations to
ensure continuous development.
Ensure an effective implementation of the IP's.
2.4 Support the Learning environment to
encourage active participation.
Strengthen the learning environment and academic
culture to improve faculty retention.
2.5 Strengthen institutional and student excellence.
Achieve student award of excellence.
3.1 Enhance skills and capabilities of students.
Achieve the student graduate attributes.
4.1 Achieve social impact nationally and internationally.
Implement an impactful community engagement plan.

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