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​Student activities and involvement



We organize and host  a wide range of events throughout the year such as DAH Annual Bazar, Quran Gala, Sport Tournaments and many more.

Lectures & Workshops

Dar Al Hekma offers different types of lectures and workshops in different fields to cater to the 5- dimension program.


The university organizes annual local and International trips for  students to  gain unparalleled experiences, widen their horizons, and have unforgettable fun.

Local Trips:

  • Safari
  • Hiking
  • Theme Parks
  • Social Responsibility trips

International Trips:

  • 2019 Trip to Zanzibar
  • 2018 Trip to Greece
  • 2017 Trip to Spain
  • 2016 Trip to Bulgaria
  • 2015 Trip to Japan
  • 2014 Trip to Austria
  • 2013 Trip to Italy 
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