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Creativity in Teaching and Educational Leadership

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About the Conference

The Conference on Creativity in Teaching and Educational Leadership will host experts in the field of education who will present and discuss the most]important educational issues related to creativity and innovation in education as well as the challenges that people working in the field of education face. Other issues that contribute to the development of the educational sector and the professional development of teachers which will, eventually, contribute to the advancement of education in general, will also be discussed after which the presenters will come up with applicable recommendations.\

The conference also seeks to deepen the scientific and cultural bonds between the public and the private education sectors on the one hand and the developmental sectors on the other hand that serve, and at the same time, benefit from the education sector, thus realizing theVision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, this conference is a great opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences and enriching the field of scientific research.

The conference will be honored by the presence of His Excellency the Director General of the Education Department in the Jeddah Governorate, Dr. Nayef Al-Zari', as a guest of honor and speaker, in addition to a group of international and local speakers who are experts and specialists in the field of education.

The conference comprises various segments such as the Student Research Forum, and success stories of universities, schools, experts, and academicians. The conference also offers several workshops which will contribute to the enrichment of the teaching process and educational leadership and enhance all related scientific research.

Conference Target Audience

  • Educational leaders

  • Faculty in private and public schools and universities

  • Educational supervisors

  • University students in the Kingdom and students from abroad

  • Researchers in the field of education and related disciplines

  • Vocational training and development centers

  • Developmental, industrial, and technical sectors

Conference Booklet

Innovation in teaching and educational leadership conference booklet

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