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Roles and Responsibilities

Ms. Loubna Al-Hamoomi

Dr.Ala'a Najjar
Dr. Mustafa Fawzy
Ms. AlBatul Bokhary

Ms. Loubna Al-Hamoomi

  • Represents the university and communicate with other institutions

All members:

  • Implement the standards, policies, and procedures for e-learning.

  • Facilitate faculty and students e-learning training programs for online and blended learning.

  • Facilitate professional development activities that build the capacity of faculty members.

  • Organize virtual events and online conferences.

  • Collaborate with educational institutions and credential bodies on mutual opportunities in offering online courses and training.

IT department:

Ms. Renad AlNunu
IT department

  • Support and facilitate the technical work of the eLearning center.

  • Support the university learning management system

  • Perform maintenance activities for systems and application software

  • Support and maintain computer hardware and software

  • Organize and conduct training on specific software, instructional software, and MS office.

  • Attend meetings of the eLearning center. (If needed)

  • Administer the website

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