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E-Learning Grading Policy

Denial Policy

Students receive absence warnings via the University email according to the following classification:

  • First warning if absences exceed 10%

  • Second warning if absences exceed 15%

  • Third warning if absences exceed 25%

  • Students are not allowed to take the final exam if her/his absences exceed 25%

Online Course Evaluation

The student must:

  • Attend online classes.

  • Participate and complete online activities (if any ) for every course.

  • Submit all activities and assessments through the platform or discussion forums in agreement with the faculty member.

  • The final exam grade for every online course: 30-70% of the final course grade.

Discussion Forum policy

  • Participations are viewed by the course instructor.

  • Any miscommunication should be avoided before posting any comments.

  • Comments must be positive, supportive, and constructive.

  • Individual differences must be accepted, and political, religious, and intellectual rights must be respected.

  • During online classes, think thoroughly before speaking to avoid being misunderstood.

  • Students' questions are answered within two working days maximum.

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