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​Communication Policy

Policy Guide for Communication Between Students and Faculty

Communication Channels

Students and faculty members communicate with each other through the following channels:

  • The University Email.

  • A message from the student’s used system to the faculty member.

  • On Blackboard (Virtual) during office hours.

  • Discussions on the platform.

  • Announcements on the platform.

  • Calling the University and asking for the required extension. (University phone number: 0126303333).

Communication Policy

  • Participations are viewed by the course instructor.

  • Any miscommunication should be avoided before posting any comments.

  • Comments should be positive, supportive, and constructive.

  • Differences should be accepted and the individuals’ political, religious and intellectual rights should be respected.

  • During virtual classes, speakers should thoroughly think before speaking to avoid misunderstanding.

  • Students questions are answered within two working days maximum.

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