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Academic Integrity

Dar Al-Hekma (DAH) is committed to ensuring that students abide by the highest ethical standards throughout the course of their academic activities.


This policy governs the rules, regulations, and procedures followed in upholding student academic integrity.


  1. Academic Affairs Division

  2. Student Affairs Division

  3. Students/Prospective Students

Policy Provision:

1.Academic Integrity

  • Individuals who possess academic integrity are ethical and moral members of academia and take responsibility for their own actions.

  • Dar Al-Hekma University promotes, supports, and expects students to adhere to the five principles of academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.

2.Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

  • Dar Al-Hekma University promotes an environment that is honest and ethical.

  • Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on an assignment or project, contract cheating, complicity, collusion/facilitating academic dishonesty, denying others access to information or materials, fabrication/falsification, forgery, impersonation, multiple submission, obstruction, and plagiarism (see "Definitions" section below). The onus is on the student to know what constitutes a violation of academic integrity (or infractions). Ignorance of the policy does not excuse or absolve a student of guilt.

3.Penalties in Case of proven Academic Integrity Violations

If the School Academic Disciplinary & Grievance Committee determines that academic integrity violations have occurred, the Committee Chair notifies the student in writing of the academic penalty that will be imposed:

First Offense

The academic penalty for the first offense constituting an academic integrity infraction within the program is a grade of zero on the assignment, project, or exam or a reduction of the course grade at the discretion of the course instructor after consultation with the Program Director.

Second Offense:

The academic penalty for the second offense of academic dishonesty across all courses within her major program or other programs is a failure in the course.

Third & Subsequent Offenses:

The academic penalty for the third offense across all courses within the major program or other programs is a failure in the courseand documentation on the student's official transcript to indicate a sanction for academic dishonesty.

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