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Master of Science in Information Systems


​​Program Overview

Dar Al-Hekma University is offering the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) which is a two-year program, with 42 credit hours towards graduation. It combines the highly technical content of information science with the managerial emphasis of information systems, applying computer-based activities, communication skills, and managerial principles. The curriculum is customized to serve the immediate needs of the labor market culminating in a capstone project, which gives students an initial start to participate in and solve real-life problems with hands-on experience. Courses in the program are scheduled in the evenings and/or weekends to accommodate different busy work/life schedules that students may have. Tuition is per credit hour. ​. For those interested in getting a scholarship, the University offers different types of graduate scholarships. Students can also get a bachelor’s degree in diplomacy and international relations that the University offers.

​​​Program Tracks​

Business Intelligence:
The business intelligence track focuses on data warehousing, data mining, big data analytics, and decision support systems.​

Program Mission

To enable technical and business professionals to become accomplished agents, innovative entrepreneurs, and technically empowered leaders of the future with real-world perspectives. ​

Why Choose this Master ​Program​ at Dar Al Hekma University?

  • This program is designed to produce IT professionals who can draw on technical and leadership capabilities, effective communication skills, innovative professional practices, and strategic and organizational skills.
  • In this program, you will develop a thorough understanding of information systems (IS), fundamental business IS concepts, and how IS can be used to tackle day-to-day and strategic business needs.
  • You will learn various areas of business and technological interests such as project management, analytics, business, and technology strategies, as well as web development, and systems analysis and design.
  • The program is taught by a team of professional instructors and researchers, who are experts in the field of information systems.
  • Upon graduation, our students will be able to work in various industries whether public or private as they will have the technical capabilities to do so.
  • The University is equipped with the required infrastructure (labs, computers, software) to provide students with a professional learning environment.

Admission Requirements​

​​​​​ Programs​
​​T​OEFL Score​​​
Required ​Bachelor
​​Othe Admission Requirement
Master of Science in ​
Information Systems
A Bachelor Deg​​ree in Information
Systems,, or Information Technology
or Computer Science, or a Bachelor
Degree in all Business majors. ​
Pass Interview​. ​
Professionals in the field more
than 5 years. with BS in majors
other than ​Business and
Computing Technology​

For further details about admissions, click here ​​​

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:


  • ​Exhibit a broad knowledge and research skills needed to lead and manage the resources and the processes associated with information systems within an organization or a social setting.
  • Demonstrate a specialized knowledge of information systems to provide computing-based solutions for various business domains.


  • Apply advanced information systems theories and software development concepts to build and manage projects within an organization or a social setting.
  • Analyze real-life computing problems using advanced concepts of information systems disciplines to identify solutions.
  • Design and implement computing-based solutions to meet a given set of complex computing requirements in the context of the information systems disciplines.
  • Evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of complex information systems requirements in the context of the information systems disciplines.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and in oral presentations in a variety of professional contexts.


  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of ethics, legal responsibilities, integrity, and academic values needed to deal with developing information systems applications and research.
  • Function with limited autonomy and high responsibility as a member or a leader of a culturally diverse team engaged in activities related to the information systems disciplines.​

​Plan of Study


Year One
Semester – Fall Semester – Spring

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours

MSIS 6310
IT Infrastructure
MSIS 6312
Emerging Technologies
MSIS 6311
Systems Development &
MSIS 6313
Enterprise Architecture
MSIS 6320
IS Ethics & Sustainability
MSIS 6322
Information & Content
MSIS 6321
Business Continuity &
Information Assurance
MSIS 6323
IS Strategy &
Total Credit Hours 12 Total Credit Hours 12

Year Two
Semester – Fall Semester – Spring

Course Code 

Course Title

Credit Hours 

Course Code 

Course Title

Credit Hours 

Program Elective
Program Elective
Program Elective
3MSIS 6332
Integrated Capstone
Project II
MSIS 6331
Integrated Capstone
Project I
BMSIS 6330
Total Credit Hours 9 Total Credit Hours 9

​Track Plan of Study​


Business Intelligence Track Plan of Study​
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
Business Intelligence and Decision Support3
MSIS6351Data Warehousing and Data Mining3
Big Data Analytics3

Career Prospects

​The program equips students with the necessary skills that qualify them for a variety of career paths/jobs in the market including, but not limited to:

  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Information technology consultants
  • Chief systems analysts and designers
  • Chief technology project managers
  • Chief business intelligence analysts
  • ​Chief software developers

Dr. Abdullah Saad Alghamdi

Visiting Faculty

Hekma School of Engineering, Computing and Design

Dr. Turki Abdullah AlThaqafi

Director - Assistant Professor

Hekma School of Engineering, Computing and Design

Key Facts

Program Name

Master of Science in Information Systems

Academic Degree


Credit Hours


Program Length

2 Years

Mode of study

Full time / Part Time

Dr. Turki Abdullah Althaqafi

Director, Master of Information Systems Program

PhD, Information Systems, Monash University, Australia, 2020

Master of Business Information Systems, Business Information Systems, Monash University, Australia, 2016

Master of Information Technology, Security, Monash University, Australia, 2012

Bachelor Degree, Computer Science, Umm Al Qurah University, KSA, 2008

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