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​Risk and Crisis Management Unit

Message from the Unit Manager

Rabia Bokha, Ms

Manager, Risk and Crisis Management Unit

At Dar Al-Hekma University, we see Risk Management as an enabling function that adds value to our activities, and acts as an integral part of our decision making.

At its core, risk management is about carrying out our activities fully prepared and aware of the current and future impact that our decisions will have on the University and its students, staff and stakeholders. Our goal is to manage all uncertainties to create an environment where opportunities are enhanced in order to improve the likelihood and impact of beneficial outcomes, and reduce the likelihood and impact of negative ones.

Risk Management takes on increasing importance as DAH continues to strengthen, grow, and pursue new opportunities. To continue our trajectory of growth, we see risk not as something that should be avoided, but rather managed strategically to amplify our opportunities.

For this to happen, we adopt a proactive, structured and consistent approach for recognizing, understanding and responding to risks, in line with the ISO 31000:2018. Our risk awareness will allow us to become more informed about the potential costs and benefits of a course of action, which will aid us in designing effective strategies to mitigate threats and enhance opportunities.

Risk Management is the most effective when it is conducted in consultation and collaboration with stakeholders. The Risk and Crisis Management Unit is committed to working together with DAH members to create a risk-aware culture that will help DAH to pursue opportunities that further add to its growth and expansion.

Unit Functions

- The Risk and Crisis Management Unit is responsible for coordinating the review, implementation and analysis of risk management related processes at the university to ensure a proactive approach towards identifying and managing potential events that may expose the university to risks, and impact the achievement of its objectives.

The Risk and Crisis Management Unit exists in a supportive capacity to work towards creating a risk-aware culture at DAH. Its main roles include:

  • Facilitating the implementation of the risk management framework and processes across the university.
  • Assisting with the analysis of the operational and strategic level risks and highlighting the significant risks to the Planning Committee (Risk Management Sub-Committee).
  • Providing risk management training, advice and assistance to DAH members.

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