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Intellectual Awareness Unit Vision, Mission and Goals


Achieving intellectual, spiritual, psychological, and social balance for students, fostering self-awareness and community integration, respecting diverse cultures, and equipping them with various skills that enable them to navigate the evolving trends of the era and confront life's challenges and problems.


Preparing DAH community as guardians of their religious and national identity, equipped with the qualifications to carry out their civilizational mission.


  • Enhancing loyalty to religion, followed by loyalty to the authorities and fostering a sense of belonging to the nation and its values.
  • Promoting a culture of moderation, tolerance, and coexistence.
  • Preventing and addressing the effects of extremist ideologies.
  • Monitoring intellectual deviations, extremist ideas, and negative behaviors within the university institution, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry, based on laws and regulations.
  • Encouraging research initiatives on intellectual issues and promoting national loyalty and unity.

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