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Dar Al-Hekma Organizes Creativity Week for New Students

September 26, 2018


​For the fourth consecutive year, Dar Al-Hekma University University, one of the premier higher education institutions for young Saudi women, organized its Creativity Week for freshmen students of 2018-2019 who have recently joined the university. The program was designed by Initiativez Group, a team of international and local experts and coaches who boast considerable global experience in enhancing and unleashing a person's creativity and developing personal skills.

The program comes in line with Vision 2030, which attaches great importance to nurturing Saudi youth creativity, and consists of a series of training activities that enhance students' critical thinking and encourage them to participate actively in the process of learning.

The three-day event, launched on DAH premises, also aimed to help students develop leadership skills, embed emotional intelligence, polish and sharpen their communication skills and build their team work. It unleashed their creativity from within and helped them adapt to campus life faster while introducing them to their new classmates. It soothed students' jitters and made them feel more comfortable with their new ambience.

Dr. Suhair Al-Qurashi, president of Dar Al-Hekma University, said, "The program highlights the university's keenness to produce high-caliber creative students who can play an eclectic role in the accomplishment of Vision 2030 objectives, and contribute to the growth of the national economy. It also helps freshmen students rediscover their capabilities, and make the best of their hidden skills."

The program prepared students to embark on a new chapter of their lives, and find and experience their own talent with friendly competitions to create the spirit of enthusiasm. Freshmen students were introduced to multiple leadership principles, and lessons for the development of personal capabilities and team effectiveness. 

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