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Department of Continuing Education Teacher Development Kit

Teacher Development Kit is a teacher training program that introduces English language instructors to best practices in the areas of communicative teaching, active learning, and effective lesson planning in the field of teaching English as a second language.


This program introduces trainees to key language teaching techniques to enhance the learning and teaching experience. This will equip teachers with various ways to introduce, practice, give feedback and check understanding.

This program offers an insight into language–teaching concepts. It enhances trainees' ability to plan and facilitate language learning based on learners' needs. Moreover, trainees will be introduced to some key strategies for teaching language skills & systems using the most recent methods and approaches.

Target Group Teacher Development Kit is aimed at teachers of English with varying levels of experience (teaching experience is not a requirement), who are willing to enhance their teaching skills in the framework of the latest trends in foreign language teaching.

Outcomes By the end of this program teachers will be better able to:

  • Identify communicative and interactive approaches for teaching language
  • Identify key strategies for teaching English language skills & systems
  • Apply the introduced key strategies using varied hands-on activities
  • Recognize key terminology used in English language teaching
  • Plan more effective student-centered ESL lessons
  • Use technology effectively to deliver more fun and interactive lessons.

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