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Coaching Center

Coaching is a goal-oriented approach that helps you the best you can be, awaken your true power, unlock your potential and live your true purpose through promoting self-awareness and responsibility. It is also key to maximize personal effectiveness and increase individual performance. Coaching can help with avariety of areas related to life and business environment such as work-life balance, self-awareness, problem-solving, time management, team building, and staff development.

The main purpose of coaching is to empower the employee to take control of every aspect of their life along with the acceptance of their personal responsibility that is an integral part of such control. A coach can show them how to do this and will guide them every step of the way.

Our Certified Coaches

  • Dr. Amani Mohamed, Assistant Professor, School of Business and Law

  • Dr. Malikah Eitani, Assistant Professor, General Education Program

  • Ms. Reem Alquayti, Senior Officer, Academic Support & Career Advising Specialist

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