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Students have the right to apply for registering in a closed section during the period announced by the Registration Unit. After clearing any conflict, pre-requisite, or load issues, students can apply to the waiting list for registering in a closed section through the Student Information System (SIS) . If the waiting list application fails, students can apply for a petition during the allowed period by completing the "Registering in a Closed Section E-form" (available in the Petition System). Students are responsible to monitor the status of their application in both systems as applying only does not guarantee a successful registration in that section.

An email will be sent to the student if she  gets accepted or rejected for enrolling in that course.

​The Registration Unit does not change any course timing unless it is requested from the concerned department. Please contact the course’s department for more information. 

​A student has the right to withdraw only during the withdrawal period specified in the Academic Calendar for that semester.

​You can submit a petition by following the steps below:

    1- Access the Petition system from the DAH website and log in with your username and password (same as SIS username and password)
    2- Choose the required petition and fill out the form.
    3- Submit the petition.
    4- Follow the Flow chart to follow up (if needed).
An email will be sent to you once the final decision has been submitted.

​Yes, the student who has a DN grade will not receive the credit of the course and this grade will be computed as an F.

If your locker key was lost or damaged, you can re-issue a new key by following the  steps below:

    1- Pass by the Accounting Department to pay the lost key fee SR 60 + VAT.
    2- Submit your receipt to the Registration Unit to receive the new key.

​Check the Academic Calendar on the website or pass by the Registration Unit for a printed copy to know all the important dates.

This message appears only for expected graduates to encourage them to declare their graduation by submitting the "Request for Graduation Form" to the Registration Unit.
If you see this message and you are expected to graduate, please do the following:

    1- Pass by your Academic Advisor to pick up the "Request for Graduation Form".

    2- Check your graduation eligibility with your Academic Advisor and fill out the form with her.

    3- Obtain all the required signatures.

    4- Attach a copy of your passport.

    5- Submit the form to the Admissions Unit.
If you are not expected to graduate, please pass by the Registration Unit and declare that you are not a graduate.

​The graduate certificate may take around 8 to 10 working weeks to be issued and attested by MOE, but the student can request a Graduation Declaration letter which states that she graduated with all the graduation details to use it temporarily until her Graduation Certificate is issued.

​In order to release an official transcript, you need to follow the  steps below:

    1- Pass by the Accounting Office to pay the transcript fee (SR 30 per copy + VAT) and the delivery cost (based on the destination).

    2- Bring the receipt to the Registration Unit, who will issue a stamped transcript in a sealed envelope.

    3- Submit the envelope to the Reception Desk to deliver it to the required destination.

​You can delegate someone on your behalf to process your requests by submitting the Delegation Form to the Registration Unit, a copy of the student and authorized person identifications must be attached to the form.

​Dar Al-Hekma University welcomes students from other universities and members of the community to audit individual undergraduate and graduate courses in any department, subject to the approval of the Admissions Unit in consultation with the course instructors.

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