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Master of Arts in International Relations


Program Overview

Dar Al-Hekma University is the first University in Saudi Arabia which offers a Master’s Degree in International Relations (MAIR). The well -structured MAIR program prepares students for success in the world of diplomacy and international relations. It is a two- year program which includes nine core courses that provide students with a strong foundation in both theory and practice of international relations. Students then select a concentration of three additional courses in the specialized fields of international law or international economics. In addition, two free elective courses are offered to enhance students’ understanding in areas such as business and foreign policy. All MAIR courses are taught by a pool of dedicated, passionate, and high-caliber faculty from diverse local and international backgrounds, some of whom teach in international universities and are practitioners in the field. Graduates of the program will be prepared for the exciting new opportunities that are opening up for women in the Kingdom in the field of diplomacy and international relations.

Program Mission

To graduate professionals with in depth knowledge in the academic discipline of international relations who have effective communication and analytical skills and are committed to tolerance and understanding in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

Program Goals

  • ​​Graduate qualified students with degrees in international relations work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international law, and international business firms. 
  • Prepare students who intend to pursue further academic studies. 
  • Establish outreach links with the community through lectures and other activities.

Why Choose this Master Program ​at Dar Al-Hekma University?

  • The curriculum was developed in collaboration with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston.
  • With wide exposure to international relations and regional issues, students may specialize in one of two tracks, international law or international economics.
  • The Master of International Relations program is enriched by students and diverse international faculty, thus empowering graduates with essential skills to thrive locally and globally
  • Courses in the MAIR program are taught evenings to accommodate working students and are delivered on a modular basis in 3-4-week cycles for each course throughout the semester.
  • In addition to theory-based lectures, students are engaged in research and in practical work in a required internship course usually completed at an international or governmental organization.​​

Admission Requirements​

​​​​​ Programs​
​​T​OEFL Score​​
Required ​Bachelor
Pre-Requisite Program
​Othe Admission Requirement
Master of Arts in
International Relations
A Bachelor Degree in
Any Field
Pass Interview

​For further details about admissions, click here 

Learning Outcomes

  • ​Analyze the dominant competing theories of International Relations
  • Apply historical analysis to the study of contemporary international affairs
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of one or more subfields of International Relations
  • Show a thorough understanding of the political, social, economic and legal processes and institutions of the international system
  • Analyze the origins and consequences of decision making in the international system
  • Assess approaches to peaceful conflict resolution
  • Conduct original research on a contemporary international topic

  • Plan of Study​

    ​Year One (1)
    Semester – Fall Semester – Spring

    Course Code

    Course Title

    Credit Hours

    Course Code

    Course Title

    Credit Hours

    INTR 6301Core: Theories Concepts in
    International Relations
    INTR 6304Core: Comparative Politics3
    INTR 6302Core: International
    3INTR 6305Core: fundamental
    of Economics
    INTR 6303Core: International Law3INTR 6306Core: Research Methodology
    and Statistics
    INTR 6304Core: Processes of
    International Negotiations
    Total Credit Hours 9 Total Credit Hours 12
    Year Two (2)
    Semester – Fall Semester – Spring

    Course Code

    Course Title

    Credit Hours

    Course Code

    Course Title

    Credit Hours

    XXXX xxxx

    Course from concentration choice

    3INTE 6304
    Core: Interna​tional Political Economy
    XXXX xxxx Course from concentration choice 3INTR 6312Core: Research Project3
    XXXX xxxx Course from concentration choice 3XXXX xxxx​Free Elective
    XXXX xxxx Free Elective 3

    Total Credit Hours 12 Total Credit Hours 9

    ​Career Prospects

    The program equips students with the necessary skills that qualify them for a variety of career paths/jobs in the job market and a variety of places where they can excel including, but not limited to:​
    • Government
    • Foreign Affairs
    • International organizations
    • Law offices
    • Multinational corporations
    • Private sector corporations and small businesses
    • Management consultancy
    • Academia
    • Non-profit organizations​

    Dr. Caroline Attie

    Director - Assistant Professor

    Hekma School of Business and Law

    Key Facts

    Program Name

    Master of Arts in International Relations

    Academic Degree


    Credit Hours


    Program Length

    2 Years

    Mode of study

    Full time / Part Time

    Dr. Caroline Camille Attie

    Director, Master of International Relations Program

    PhD, History, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA, 1996

    MA, Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA, 1988

    BA, International Affairs, The American College in Paris (American University of Paris), Paris, France, 1981

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