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​Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning Functions


Overseeing the development of the strategic plan, supporting departments in developing their operational plans, monitoring the achievement of the strategic and operational plans, and developing the progress reports for the management and the Board of Trustees.

Quality Assurance

Establishing the quality assurance system, reviewing the effectiveness of the quality system and processes, and providing support and training on quality matters to divisions and departments. Encouraging departments to adhere to the quality assurance system and to continuously improve.


Liaising with the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) on accreditation and quality matters, overseeing alignment with the quality standards, and leading institutional accreditation processes and planning. Ensuring alignment between accreditation standards and the University initiatives.


Conducting institutional research by gathering facts and figures and engaging in trend analysis to provide meaningful data and information for the management ​and other stakeholders to enable them to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions. Facilitating assessment and evaluation to ensure continuous institutional improvement and accountability as required by the national authorities, ministries, university rankings, and accrediting bodies.

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