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Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning Department 

The Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning Department (QASP) is committed to supporting Dar Al- Hekma's long-term planning efforts as well as its annual operational plans at all levels.  This comprises developing the University's strategic plan, facilitating training programs for faculty and staff, preparing for institutional and programs' accreditation, and preparing reports on learning outcome assessment, surveys and evaluations to support the development of improvement plans.

The Department conducts institutional research, by gathering facts and figures and engages in trend analysis to provide meaningful data and information for the leadership and other stakeholders to enable them to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions. It gathers, analyzes, interprets and disseminates institutional data, provides current research on best practices, and administers surveys. The Department also assists the management of the University and its stakeholders by providing studies and information on new developments in the field of institutional research and quality assurance.

The QASP Department facilitates assessment and institutional research activities to ensure continuous institutional improvements and accountability as required by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA). This includes, among other activities, coordinating, developing, and assisting in university-wide assessments, providing training in best practices in quality assurance and assessment.

The QASP Department engages and encourages all departments at the University to continuously improve through compliance processes of institutional accreditation.  It also assists units in seeking and maintaining their accreditation status, sustains alignment between accreditation standards and the university initiatives, and develops processes for continuous collaboration with all stakeholders.

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