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​​First Year Experience

​​Our aim is to ensure that all new students find a welcoming and engaging community when they join the University. Below you can  find the different services we offer to new students



​We are delighted to welcome you to your very first year at Dar Al-Hekma University with a unique orientation program: "Creativity".This program takes place on our campus at the beginning of the academic year.

Fulfilling our mission to "graduate accomplished women, leaders and entrepreneurs", we offer our students a training/orientation program, which is designed to launch a new era of learning and teaching, fostering creativity and nurturing our students' minds. The program focuses on intellectual and social enrichment while discovering one's self and building skills to achieve one's full potential. This program, which has been consecutively offered for the last four years with great success, is a mind-changing experience for you as members of the DAH community.

By combining methods of personality training with the utilization of creativity tools and innovative methods, you will learn to think creatively and holistically and gain the competence to discern opportunities for innovative solutions for living in our contemporary society.

The program has been designed with great care, utilizing national and international expertise that will provide an amazing and unique learning experience for the newly admitted students to Dar Al-Hekma. With a team of international and local trainers, the program is enlightening as well as enjoyable and enriching for all participants. It is, therefore, mandatory that all incoming freshmen students attend this program in its entirety and participate in this mind changing educational experience that Dar Al- Hekma is now committed to providing all its students with.

​At Dar Al-Hekma, we adopt a holistic approach to our students' development, and we specifically focus on developing the spiritual dimension through Dar Al-Quran.

Dar Al-Quran offers our students different programs like the arts of Quran recitation and Tafsir classes, helping with Quran memorization, in addition to many different workshops and one -on- one classes and sessions. The atmosphere at Dar Al-Quran is very welcoming and relaxing, providing the students with the perfect atmosphere to study the words of Allah and grow spiritually.

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