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​​Dar Al-Hekma: Website Terms & Conditions

The document entails terms and conditions betweenUniversity, applicants and students on our study programmes. When you accept the offer placed by University, a legal contract is exercised on the basis of terms and conditions. This document summarised these terms which will govern your association with university. The university advises to carefully read and understand before offer acceptance.

Mutual rights& obligations

The university is dedicated to cater you with an exigent learning experience that would help you reach full potential. The university strives towards providing excellence in research and development and teaching to enhance students experience and needs. It instils a mutual sense of refinement, cooperativeness that produces confident, highly endowed and resourceful graduates.

Creation and management ofenvironment that favours learning, research and an optimistic student experience. University staff and students alike should treat each other with respect and dignity. Administration requires university to behave maturely and maintain standards of good conducted all the time. Any misconduct or anti-social behaviour that disrupts positive learning environment will not be tolerated by any means.

Contractual information

The official website is planned as a general guide to courses and facilities available to both students and staff. Enrolment at university is subjected to acceptance of enrolment terms contained in handbook ofstudent regulations. Accepting the offer placed at university would activate a contractual relationship between applicant and university.

The contract may be terminated ifrelevant conditions are not complied with. While contract is formed in absence of face to face interaction, you have legal right to annul it within seven working days from the day of acceptance. To cancel the contract, you should inform university in writing and submit the application toAdmissions Office.

If university is unable to deliver programmes of study, research facilities and other services as described in the web document, you may proceed annulling the contract. University is not responsible for failure under government action, natural calamity, civil or international commotion.

Intellectual property

TheIP (Intellectual Property)policy of universityshould be adhered to if you are a student and will normally be owned by you. In limited situations,IPwill be owned by university administration such as allowing university to protect and commercialise IP as a whole or for protecting its charitable status.

Accepting a place in university is compliance with rights of ownership, use and copy, commercialisation policy and revenue sharing. Any improvement, discoveries or development in light ofIParising from research belongs solely to university.IPbackground is purely confidential and shall not be disclosed to advantage of any company, person or body.

Deposits, fees & other payments

You are solely responsible to ensure all deposits, tuition and miscellaneous charges are payable at due date. The offer letter highlights the amount you are required to pay at the time of admission and throughout academic term. Payments made on your behalf by a third-party(sponsor or employer)will be your responsibility. University has the right to take legal action or terminate your registration if payment dates are not adhered to.

Liability & confidentiality

The university will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure accuracy of research and information. University will not be held responsible for results arising from inaccuracies or omission unless they are negligence on part of agents and management. University is not liable for death, injury or loss unless caused by its representatives.

Website is available for global viewers on the basis that university is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of the site or reliance upon content. Any data or information associated with university is purely confidential. Obligation of privacy does not encompass information that is already in public knowledge by default or through intermediary.

Course & agreement variation

University make sure all academic programmes, research opportunities and other services are met as described on this website. However, university has the right to constitute changes to its policies for continuous improvement. Scope of necessary modifications can be;

  • To alter class schedule, timetable, location and delivery of study programmes.
  • Rational variations to curriculum and content of program.
  • While suspending, discontinuing or merging specific programmes.
  • Change of rules and regulations, ordinances, procedures and decree as per time requisites.

All such modifications will come in force at the start of new academic year for next cohort of students. Individuals who do not wish to accept the notifications should inform university administration in writing for refund of tuition fees and deposits paid. University has the right to change terms and conditions to which this website is offered.

Disclosure of information

University may amend or terminate your registration in-case of fraudulent, false or misleading information from your end. In all such cases, university may take legal action under itsAdmissions Policy, disciplinary procedures or relevant clause.

Law & jurisdiction

These terms are governed under law ofSaudi Arabia. By using the website, you comply with authority of Saudi courts in all grievances pertinent to the website.

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