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​Dar Al-Hekma: Website disclaimer

The content made available through Dar Al-Hekma official website is purely informational and cannot be used or relied upon for other purposes.

University does not guarantee to entirety, consistency, accessibility, sustainability and accurateness of this website, information, products and services contained in these pages or their aptness. Any dependency you place on available data is therefore entirely at your own risk.

While every effort is taken to ensure accuracy, the content is naturally subjected to alteration. Reader is liable to check deftness of relevant facts prior committing to any financial or any other agreement. Under no circumstances university would be held responsible for breach of contract, incidental or consequential damage, loss or misuse of information arising from website.

Directional links

University website provides external web links for informational purpose. We have no authority over these sites and resources. We make no endorsement and not liable for their service delivery, content and accessibility. These external links operate either in accordance to their own policies or without it; not bound by university’s online privacy document.

Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up advertisements are likely to appear whenever you visit our website. These are most likely produced by alternate website visits or intermediary software installed on your computer. Dar Al-Hekma does not endorse or recommend any of product(s) and service(s) recommended by these pop-up ads.

Information disclaimer

Dar Al-Hekma web pages are updated and improvised frequently on availability of new content. Although we attempt to keep web-based data accurate, accuracy of information catered cannot be guaranteed. All third-parties contouring information over university’s official website must assure bootlegging, circulation and use of material will not violate proprietary rights. Unauthorised use of official trademark or logo is strictly prohibited on web-pages, electronic or written publications without consent from Dar Al-Hekma marketing department.

Log files

University website routinely gathers and store information from online visitors to help manage and improve website service(s). Information comprises page visits, date and time, IP address and URL of referring sites, domain name and searchable items over search engines. Our website makes no attempt to infringe and release personal details to external parties without your approval under cyber laws.


Cookies refer to information stored over browser on website’s request pertinent to your search history. Site may use cookies to;

  1. Make acquaintance with site between visits and,
  2. Allocate data from current page to the next.

You can turn off these cookies however some pages may not function properly. Cookies remain on your personal computer; we do not store them on our server nor forward them to any intermediary.

Information willingly catered by you

You may choose to provide information to help us serve your needs in a better way. You may establish contact through electronic mail, subscribe to our news posts or send us your address. Any information provided from your end will be used only for the purpose indicated. Information request will be directed to appropriate staff and may be recorded for future use with website upgrading. We will not disclose any information without your consent with exception to cyber laws.

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