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​Alumni Association

The Development and Alumnae Relations, in collaboration with Dar al-Hekma Alumnae Association (AA), provides many opportunities for our alumnae to participate in activities and events that foster a lifelong connection between the University, its students, and its alumnae.

The Alumnae Association serves as a liaison between the growing alumnae body and Dar al-Hekma by providing networking opportunities, career advice, placement services, free admission and subscriptions to publications and various other benefits and services that keep alumnae up to date with what is happening at the University.

The Alumnae Association has a strong voice in the ongoing growth and development of the University and has become a "must join" organization for all current and future students.

  • Engage current students with alumnae
  • Organize fundraising events and activities
  • Share knowledge with current students through workshops, seminars, and talks
  • Support the Alumnae office with alumnae relations
  • Hold Alumnae reunions 

Membership of the alumnae association is strictly for DAH graduates. Interested individuals must first apply through the Development Unit as all applicants must be of good standing for a final acceptance by the University Council.

The members of DAH-AA shall include, but is not limited to, the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Alumnae must nominate themselves for the position and are elected by a majority vote by all other Alumnae members. Members holding office will serve for a one-year term unless they are nominated again and reelected by a majority vote.

Job Placement

Job placement is one of the services offered by the Development Unit. Many different companies and institutions from diverse fields connect with the Development Unit to recruit DAH alumnae. Every two weeks, the Development Unit collects the job vacancies and shares them with DAH alumnae

Alumnae E-ID

It is a lifelong digital ID card for DAH alumnae; which has their full name and a Quick Response code (QR)


  • To be used for easy and quick access to DAH University facilities and events
  • To be used in places or shops that offer discount or special benefits for DAH members
The process:

  • After the official graduation of the student, she immediately becomes a DAH alumnae. The digital card will be processed right after her Graduation Clearance Form is completed and finalized.
  • Each student will have her own unique QR code which will be linked to the DAH website. The ID will be sent to the alumnae via email after which she will be able to download it into her smart phone and add it to the wallet.
E-ID privileges and benefits 

  • Using the campus facilities such as the Library and the Gym
  • Having special discounts to workshops with the Continuing Education Program
  • Receiving special invitation to DAH events
  • Getting special discounts and offers from various stores 

Library Services

Alumnae are welcome to use the DAH library resources and facilities, such as free access, computer usage, study room, and printers. In order to check out books and other materials from the Library, alumnae must register in the library system.

Access to digital resources is not available to alumnae due to the contracts signed with the providers.

Continuing Education

The alumnae receive all special discounts given to Dar Al-Hekma members; e.g. discount on all the professional certification programs and most of DAH programs. The Continuing Education Program also offers special rates for alumnae groups of at least 5 members. Furthermore, they can design and offer courses upon request, provided alumnae come in groups.

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