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اكاديمية الحكمة للبرمجة - قسم الطلبة


The Academy targets female and male, Arabic, English and French speakers. Our courses are designed for per-school, elementary, intermediate, high school, and university level students as well as working or non-working adults. We do care about employability of fresh graduate students, accordingly specific courses and diplomas are tailored to meet their needs and become professional coders ready for the market. No prerequisite is needed, but a placement test might be administered to non-beginners to decide on their levels.

The learning outcomes of the training courses or workshops depend on the level of the course and the audience's age group. In general, each offered course is 10 to 15 contact hours at the end of which learners get a completion certificate. Based on the level of the learners, some courses could be skipped. At the completion of their courses, advanced learners can take more courses for 3 - 6 months towards earning a diploma in specific coding courses such as mobile application development, web development or game design.

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