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Business development and consultancy center

​Buisness Development and consultancy Overview

The Business Development and Consultancy Center at Dar Al-Hekma University is a pivotal hub which supports many industries and has a significant impact on profit and non-profit organizations through the great number of services it offers.

The dedicated director of the Business Development and Consultancy Center can put you in direct contact with experts who can help you achieve your objectives and face future challenges with confidence. The Center provides business solutions for specific challenges and strategies for improving employment skills.

The DAH Business Development and Consultancy Center aims to offer consultancy and business development services that enable clients to achieve the results that they target. It offers the provision of professional services such as knowledge, skills, expertise, experience or advice, provided by the academic or non-academic staff of Dar Al-Hekma University to individuals as well as profit and non-profit organizations, for a fee or other arrangements.

​In addition, the Hekma Coding Academy and the Ideal Teacher Center, both of which are under the Business Development and Consultancy Center, offer specialized training for teachers and students. 

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