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Business development and consultancy center

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The Consultancy Guidelines and Framework

Consultancy services, which are carried out according to the rules and regulations of the University, have a broad spectrum through which they

  1. Facilitate the negotiation and determination on contracts for consultancy.
  2. Provide guidance to faculty or staff members about the range of consultancy work that can be undertaken using the University name, services and resources either directly or by implication.
  3. Ensure that the undertaking of consultancy work does not interfere with the other functions of the faculty or staff of the department to which the employee belongs.
  4. Identify the obligations and approval procedures regarding consulting work to all the staff members and the University.
  5. Provide proper protection to the University and its members in consultancy undertakings.
  6. All consultancy agreements must be approved by the University Legal Advisor and the Business Development and Consultancy Center.  
  7. Acquire prior approvals of all the appropriate heads or Deans in case of agreements that engage faculty and or staff members from multiple departments,
  8. Assign projects to project managers.

Type of Consultancy Services

University Consultancy: The consultancy is negotiated by the University where a staff member engages as an employee of the University with a client, thereby benefiting from the full support of the University and its wholly owned subsidiary (if any).

Individual Consultancy: This consultancy is carried out by a staff member through his/her direct contact or negotiations with a client.

Our Services: 

We offer access to expertise, skills, and equipment that are not available in organizations. The consultancy center has already delivered a range of services in different business areas such as business development, marketing research, legal issues, IT, design and architecture. It also offers training and courses in the above-mentioned fields based on the organizations' requirements.   

Our consultancy services include:

  1. Expert and specialist opinion;
  2. Technical and professional advice;
  3. Training services

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