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​​It was said in the center of the role model teacher

  • The meeting sparked enthusiasm inside me. When I saw my daughters, happiness filled my heart. I was looking at their eyes when I was explaining, and I dreamed with them how many creators and how special will you graduate from under my hand ?! And every time I increase my motivation to change!
  • The role model teacher program had a great impact in enhancing the behavior in me in my dealings with those around me in society in general and in education in particular.
  • From Japan Journey, I learned the modern use of the word "uri-game", which is a comprehensive term for all folding practices regardless of their original culture.
  • Its goal: to transform flat and square sheets into a final shape through sculpting and folding techniques.
  • I learned from the Japanese trip, the Japanese administration, which adopts work in a spirit of mastery and transforming work into a national social value. It also seeks to innovate and develop, and apply the principles of full quality, and Japanese law is very strict in punishing violators
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