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CCTS 2024: Conference on Creativity, Technology and Sustainability - Explore Saudi Arabia and Jeddah City



Explore Saudi Arabia and Jeddah City

When you visit Jeddah, you will have the opportunity to witness a rich heritage celebrated by the UNESCO. When you visit Historical Jeddah, a destination that unearths secrets that have inspired artists, writers, and visitors alike for hundreds of years, you will get to see the antique designs of balconies, the ancient houses with their typical mousharabiyyah windows, stone walkways, ancient sidewalks, and the tiny crowded streets of old Jeddah.  On the seaside, you can enjoy a walk on the beautiful Jeddah Corniche, where you will have a chance to see the magnificent sunset shimmering off the divine Red Sea shores, or you can have a magical diving experience and enjoy the colorful coral reefs.

Other than that, you can stroll through the different malls around the city and have a taste of how peaceful and enjoyable shopping is in our wonderful and charming city of Jeddah. To have a delightful evening satiating all your senses, you have a wide array of delectable restaurants of all types of cuisines around the city to choose from.

Going around Jeddah and enjoying its different attractions is an experience which will tremendously mark you and touch your heart, feelings, and emotions that you will want to come back soon.

For a full guide to Jeddah City and Saudi Arabia, please visit the Visit Saudi website by the Ministry of Tourism

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For more information about visa application and the KSA visa requirements, please visit the KSA visa application website

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