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​Research Support and Services

The Research Center provides support through the following facilities:

  • Establish links between the University and external institutions.
  • Offer workshops related to research
  • Ensure that all research conducted by or with personnel and students: uses best practices in research; protects the safety and confidentiality of human subjects; and conforms ethics.
  • Collect data related to all research activities conducted by University personnel and students for Accreditation Purposes.
  • Offer mentorship and advice related to research
  • Receive and approve research applications, internally and externally
  • Plan and implement University research forums and conferences
  • Oversee the development and progression of the Library ​
​​Name​Focus Area​Email​Phone Number
​Dr. Nouman Bantan​Writing technical research reports
 with a specific research interest
 in simulations and data analysis.
​Dr. Thuraya IsmailArabic Language Audit and Research Methods​
​Dr. Stefania Sini​Interactive cities and Environments​
​Ms. Sara Linjawi​Economics, Private Sector 
Prepare Form development, Public Policy and
Impact Evaluation
​Ms. Doha  Abulsaud​Interpretivist research philosophy
 and qualitative research methods ​
​​Name​Focus Area​Email​Phone Number
​Dr. Jaffer Khan​Focus Area Architectural Theory,
Urban Ecology, Spatial intelligence, 
Indigenous Culture
and Architecture, Cities and Urban Futures​
​Dr. Mohammad Abuljadail​Digital Marketing​mabuljadail@dah.edulsa
​Dr. Sherin Sameh ​Architecture and Sustainability​
​Ms. Malakeh Itani​language editing and/ or APA checking​
Dr. Stefania Sini​Research methodologies​
​​Ms. Sara Linjawi​Survey Design and Quantitative Data Analysis​​

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