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The Hekma School of Engineering, Computing and Informatics (HECI) is a prominent school in teaching Engineering, Computing, and Informatics. Using innovations and technology, our graduates will be capable of making a positive difference in society and research.


To graduate professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs equipped with adequate knowledge and technical skills of international standards in the fields of Engineering, Computing, and Informatics.

School Goals

1. Qualifying specialized and distinctive graduates in the school-related specializations to fulfill the requirements of the country by

  • Offering high quality academic and professional graduate and undergraduate degrees of science in engineering, computing and information; 
  • Ensuring that our curricula foster academic breadth and enhance technical, ethical, and professional skills training for success;
  •  Aligning the offered programs with the standards and guidelines of national and international accrediting organizations and professional computing and engineering associations (NCAAA/ACM/ABET/IEEE).

2. Ensuring best teaching strategies, alternative methods, and program offerings to meet current and future student/community needs by

  • Supporting effective instruction in a variety of modes, including new pedagogical approaches, flexible alternative learning styles, openness to other learning possibilities, and one-to-one student mentoring and advising with faculty.   
  • Providing students with professional training opportunities with local businesses and partners through the internship and capstone courses.
  • Ensuring professional currency of faculty knowledge and skills by encouraging them to participate in professional training and workshops related to new teaching strategies and trends

3. Encouraging engagement with the community through:

  • Students and faculty volunteering.
  • Providing professional training and consultancy services with the collaboration with business partners.

4.      Promoting research that addresses real-life problems in the school related area of specializations.

  • Increasing the number of faculty to ensure viability for our undergraduate and graduate programs, commensurate with increases in teaching hours.
  • Establishing sustainable and flexible policies that permit and reward high-quality research, teaching, and service, and recruiting and retaining top-quality faculty. 
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