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Faculty Publications 

​​​​​​​​​1-Name of Writer: Samah Alagha, Dr.                    

Title of Article: Female judges in Saudi Arabia: hope versus reality.

Journal: Arab Law Quarterly

Year: 18th May 2021

Pages: 1–23                       

ISSN: 1573-0255                               

Female judges in Saudi Arabia: hope versus reality

2- Name of Writer: Mansour W.a, b, Ajmi H.c, Saci K. d

Title of Article: Regulatory policies in the global Islamic banking sector in the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic

Journal: Journal of Banking Regulation Open Access2021

Year: April 2021

ISSN: 17456452
Regulatory policies in the global Islamic banking sector in the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic​​​

3- Name of Writer: Ali, Inass Salamah

Title of Article: A Correlational Study of Organizational Culture and Workforce Diversity & Competitiveness in a Challenging Global Educational Environment

Journal: International Transaction Journal of Engineering Management & Applied Sciences & Technologies

Year:  2021
Volume: 12

Issue: 4

ISSN: 2228-9860


4- Name of Writer: Ali, Inass Salamah

Title of Article: Nature and Extent of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: A Content Analysis Approach

Journal: International Transaction Journal of Engineering Management & Applied Sciences & Technologies

Year:  2020
Volume: 11

Issue: 16

ISSN: 2228-9860​

5- Name of Writer: Dr. Ovo Imoedemhe

Title of Article: Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL). The Next Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: A Consensus or a Convoluted Process?

Journal: Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL)

Year: December 2020

ISSN: Registered 501(c) (3) 

Volume: 1

Issue: 1

Pages From:  1-4    


6- Name of Writer: A Nazneen, Ali, Inass Salamah

Title of Article: "Change in Organizational Role Stress is Panacea of HRM Practices: A Comparative Study of Higher Education Institutions", (co-author)

Journal: International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting

Year: 1st August 2019
Volume: Vol. 9

ISSN: 2162-3082
Pages From: No. 3, P. 59-74  


7- Name of Writer: A Sidhu, P Bhalla, Ali, Inass Salamah

Title of Article: "Review Research on Dissolved Romantic Relationships at Workplace: Process, Factors & Consequences" Journal: International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE).

Year: 1st April 2019
Volume: Vol. 7
Issue: Issue-6S5

ISSN: 2277-3878
Pages From: P. 1780-1785 

8- Name of Writer: A Sidhu, P Bhalla, Ali, Inass Salamah

Title of Article: "Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Quality of Romantic Relationships: Review Research"

Journal: International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE).

Year: 1st April 2019
Volume: Vol. 7

Issue: 6S5

ISSN: 2277-3878
Pages From: 1774-1779 

9- Name of Writer: Sairah Narmah-Alqasim

Title of Article: The Oxford handbook of Islamic law


Year: 2019

ISSN: 0306-9400

Volume: 53

Issue: 3

Pages From: 389-391

10-Name of Writer: Sultana I.

Title of Article: Impact of Cultural Differences of Saudi Arabia and the United States on Global Marketing: A Comparative Analysis Using Hofstede Model

Journal: Proceedings of the 31st International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2018: Innovation Management and Education Excellence through Vision 2020

Year: 25-26 April 2018

Pages From: 4685 - 4694


11-Name of Writer: Sultana I.a, Yusuf N.b

Title of Article: Assessing the Impact of Recession on the Consumer's Buying Behaviour in Saudi Arabia

Journal: Proceedings of the 31st International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2018: Innovation Management and Education Excellence through Vision 2020

Year: 25-26 April 2018

Pages From: 4273-4281


12-Name of Writer: Bruce Q. Budd

Title of Article: The Transmission of International Stock Market Volatilities

Journal: Journal of Economics and Finance

Year: 01st January 2018

Volume: 42

Issue: 1

ISSN: 10550925

Pages From: 155 - 173


13-Name of Writer: Walid Mansour,Karima Saci & Saida Khalifa

Title of Article: How Do Financing Conditions Impact Firm Behaviour? Evidence from the Gulf Zone

Journal: Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

Year: 03rd April 2017

Volume: 53

Issue: 4

ISSN: 1540496X

Pages From: 952 - 967


14-Name of Writer: Nartova, O.

Title of Article: Competition Policy, Monopolies and the Role of the State in Promoting Green Electricity (Book Chapter)

Journal: International Trade in Sustainable Electricity: Regulatory Challenges in International Economic Law

Year: 01st January 2017

Pages From: 390 - 416​

15-Name of Writer: Mansour W.a, c, d, Hajlaoui L.L.b, e, Abdulkarim Fadul.a, Nassief M.a

Title of Article: Trust Crisis in Islamic Banking: Empirical Evidence Using Structural Equations Modelling

Journal: International Journal of Business

Year: Spring 2016

ISSN: 10834346

Volume: 21

Issue: 2

Pages From: 157-177


16-Name of Writer: Mahmoud Mohmad Ahmad Aleqab, Mohammad Nurunnabi, Dalia Adel

Title of Article: Mind the Gap: Accounting Information Systems Curricula Development in Compliance With IFAC Standards in a Developing Country

Journal: Journal of Education for Business

Year: 03rd October 2015

ISSN: 8832323

Volume: 90

Issue: 7

Pages From: 349 - 358


17-Name of Writer: Walid Mansour, Mohamed Ben Abdelhamid, Almas Heshmati

Title of Article: Recursive Profit-and-Loss Sharing

Journal: Journal of Risk

Year: August 2015

ISSN: 1465-1211

Volume: 17

Issue: 6

Pages From: 21 - 50


18-Name of Writer: Ahmed Belouafi, Chaouki Bourakba, Karima Saci

Title of Article: Islamic Finance and Financial Stability: A Review of the Literature

Journal: Journal of King Abdulaziz University, Islamic Economics

Year: 2015

Volume: 28

Issue: 2

ISSN: 73831018

Pages From: 3-44


19-Name of Writer: Aleqab, M.M.A., Adel, D.

Title of Article: Accounting Information Systems Curriculum: Compliance with IFAC Requirements among Jordanian Universities

Journal: Vision 2020: Sustainable Growth, Economic Development, and Global Competitiveness - Proceedings of the 23rd International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2014

Year: 13-14 May 2014

Volume: 1

Pages From: 630 - 652

​​​​​​1-Name of Writer: Versaci A.a, Bougdah H.b, Mahgoub Y.C, Cavalagli N.d, Serra-Permanyer M.e

Title of Article: Preface

Journal: Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation

Year: 27th April 2021

ISSN: 25228714


2-Name of Writer: Vassilis Charissis, Jannat Falah, Ramesh Lagoo, Salsabeel F. M. Alfalah, Soheeb Khan, Shu Wang, Samar Altarteer, Kweku Bram Larbi, and Dimitris Drikakis

Title of Article: Employing Emerging Technologies to Develop and Evaluate In-Vehicle Intelligent Systems for Driver Support: Infotainment AR HUD Case Study

Journal:  Applied Sciences (Switzerland) Open Access

Year: 1st February 2021

Volume: 11

Issue: 4

ISSN: 2076-3417

Pages from to: 1-282


3-Name of Writer: Hend Abdelrazek and Yiğit Yılmaz

Title of Article: Methodology toward Cost-Optimal and Energy-Efficient Retrofitting of Historic Buildings

Journal:  Journal of Architectural Engineering

Year: DEC. 2020

Volume: 26

Issue: 4

ISSN: 10760431​

4- Name of Writer: S. SAMEH and B. KAMEL

Title of Article: Promoting Green Retrofitting to Enhance Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Egypt.   

Journal: Journal of Engineering and Applied Science

Year: DEC. 2020

Volume: 67

Issue: 7

ISSN: 14789876

Pages from to: 1709-1728


5- Name of Writer: Dr. Alaa Al-Ban

Title of Article: Islamic Heritage: The Hijazi House: Gendered Space & Cultural Relations

Journal: Islamic Heritage Architecture and Art III

Year: 9-11 June 2020

Volume: Session 3

Issue: WIT Transactions on the Built Environment

ISSN: 1743-3509

Pages from to: 11 pages


6-Name of Writer: Soha Mohamed-Obeid S. Binzagr

Title of Article: Vernacular Saudi Arabian architectural techniques: Revival to modern Saudi

Journal: International Conference on Islamic Heritage Architecture and Art

Year: 9-11 June 2020

ISSN: 17433509

Volume: 197

Pages From: 99 - 111

Vernacular Saudi Arabian Architectural Techniques: Revival to Modern Saudi (


7-Name of Writer: Dr. Samar Altarteer

Title of Article: Technology Acceptance Model for 3D Virtual Reality System in Luxury Brands Online Stores

Journal:  IEEE Xplore Access

Year: 13th May 2019

Volume: 7

ISSN: 2169-3536

Pages from to: 64053-64062


8- Name of Writer: Shifana Fatima Kaafil, Natarajan & Shamim Shaukat Khan

Title of Article: “Strength Assessment and Rehabilitation of Damaged Beam using Fuzzy Information"

Journal:  International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering.

Year: 2019

Volume: 12


Pages: 143-148.

ISSN: 0974-5904.


9-Name of Writer: Dr. Sana Abbasi

Title of Article: The future of organic coloured cotton

Journal: Vlakna a Textile

Year: 2019

ISSN: 13350617

Volume: 26

Issue: 4

Pages From: Pages 13-18


10- Name of Writer: Shifana Fatima Kaafil & Shamim Shaukat Khan (2018)

Title of Article: "Preliminary Studies on the Effect of Natural Organic Fibers on Cement'' 

Journal International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering Research

Year: Oct 2018-March 2019

Volume: 6

Issue: 2

ISSN: 2348-7607

Pages: 22-26. 

11-Name of Writer: Ali, Mujeeb, Aruna, G., Raju, R.S.

Title of Article:  MHD Boundary Layer Casson Fluid Flow Over a Vertically Inclined Plate: Grid Study and Convergence Analysis of Finite Element Technique

Journal: Journal of Nanofluids

Year: December 2018

Volume: 7

Issue: 6

ISSN: 2169432X

Pages: 1195 – 1207


12-Name of Writer: José Carlos Palacios Gonzalo & Rana Munir Alkadi

Title of Article:  Muqarnas Domes and Cornices in the Maghreb and Andalusia

Journal: Nexus Network Journal

Year: 01st April 2018

Volume: 20

Issue: 1

ISSN: 15905896

Pages: 95 - 123


13-Name of Writer: Altarteer, S., Charissis, V., Harrison, D., Chan, W.

Title of Article:  Development and Heuristic Evaluation of Semi-Immersive Hand-Gestural Virtual Reality Interface for Luxury Brands Online Stores

Journal: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)

Year: 12-15 June 2017

Volume: 10325

ISSN: 3029743

Pages: 464 - 477


14-Name of Writer: Helmy M.

Title of Article: Artscaping in Public Places: Jeddah, the City of Urban Art

Journal: Street Art and Urban Creativity

Year: 2017

Volume: 3

Issue: 2​​

ISSN: 21833869

Pages From: 42 - 52

V3_n2_capa.jpg (


15-Name of Writer: Fathallah R.

Title of Article: Unfair Equality: The Cultural Challenges of an Imported Interior Design Curriculum

Journal: Journal of Interior Design

Year: 01st June 2016

Volume: 41

Issue: 2

ISSN: 10717641

Pages From: 11-22

​​​1- Name of Writer: Wadee Alhalabi, Jari Jussila, Kamal Jambi, Anna Visvizi, Hafsa Qureshi, Miltiadis Lytrasa, Areej Malibari, Raniah Samir Adhame.

Title of Article: Social mining for terroristic behaviour detection through Arabic tweets characterization

Journal: Future Generation Computer Systems

Year: 1st March 2021

Volume: 116

Pages: 132-144 

ISSN: 0167739X


2- Name of Writer: Al-Ghamdi N.A.a, Meyer W.J., IIIb, c, Atzori B.d, Alhalabi W.e, f, g, Seibel C.C.h, Ullman D.h, Hoffman H.G.h,

Title of Article: Virtual Reality Analgesia With Interactive Eye Tracking During Brief Thermal Pain Stimuli: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Crossover Design)

Journal: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Open Access

Year: 23rd January 2020

Volume: 13        

ISSN: 16625161


3- Name of Writer: Areej Omar Balghusoon; Saoucene Mahfoudh

Title of Article: Routing Protocols for Wireless Nano sensor Networks and Internet of Nano Things: A Comprehensive Survey

Journal: IEEE Xplore Access

Year: 03rd Nov 2020

Volume: 8

Pages:   200724 - 200748              

ISSN: 2169-3536


4- Name of Writer: Suzan Almutairi, Saoucene Mahfoudh, Sultan Almutairi, and Jalal S. Alowibdi

Title of Article: Hybrid Botnet Detection Based on Host and Network Analysis

Journal: Journal of Computer Networks and Communications

Year: 22nd Jan 2020

Volume: 2020

ISSN: 2090-7141


5-Name of Writer: Pan, Y.-C., Jacobs, A., Tan, C., Askool, S.

Title of Article: Extending Technology Acceptance Model for Proximity Mobile Payment via Organisational Semiotics

Journal: IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Year: 03rd July 2018

Volume: 527

Pages: 43-52

ISSN: 18684238


6-Name of Writer: Jacobs, A., Pan, Y.-C., Askool, S.

Title of Article: An Organisational Semiotics Perspective to Co-Design of Technology Enhanced Learning

Journal: IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Year: 1-3 August 2016

Volume: 477

Pages: 197 - 202

ISSN: 18684238


1- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri 

Title of Article:  دور قائدات المدارس في تحسين نواتج التعلم في المدارس الابتدائية الحكومية بمدينة جدة من وجهة نظر المعلمات

Journal: المجلة الدولية للدراسات التربوية والنفسية

Year: 2021

Volume: 10

Issue: 1

Pages from to:  1



2- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri 

Title of Article:  معوقات تطبيق التقويم الواقعي في مواد التربية الإسالمية للمرحلة االبتدائية بالمدارس الحكومية بجدة من وجهة نظر المعلمات

Journal: المجلة العربية للعلوم التربوية والنفسية

Year: 2021

Volume: 5

Issue: 19

Pages from to:  116-156


3-Name of Writer: Saeed S. Alzahrani, Farah K. Aleisa, Jamilah A. Alghalbi, Nouran Y. Taher, Saeed A. Alqahtani, Nabat A. Majrashi, Areej A. Alasseri and Saeed A. Alghamdi   

Title of Article:  Neurosciences Stroke management pathway during COVID-19 pandemic scientific statement

Journal: Saudi Stroke Society 

Year: 01-Jul-20

Volume: 25     

Issue: 3

Issn: 13196138

Pages: 226 - 229                                                 


4- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri 

Title of Article: The Challenge of Being a Higher Education Student with Learning Disability: Examining Available and needed support. 

Journal:  Published in the Journal of Education - Al Azhar University- Education Department

Year: 2020

Volume: 3

Issue:  187 

Pages from to:  503-533


5- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri 

Title of Article: درجة وعي معلمات المرحلة المتوسطة بالامن السيبراني في المدارس العامة بمدينة جدة من وجهة نظر المعلمات

Journal: المجلة العربية للتربية النوعية

Year: 2020

Volume: 4

Issue: 13

Pages from to:  95-140


6- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri 

Title of Article: أثر تطبيق برنامج الشراكة اللإثرائي على التحصيل الدراسي في المواد العلمية للطالبات الموهوبات بالمرحلة الثانوية في التعليم العام بجدة

Journal: المجلة العلمية لعلوم الإعاقة والموهبة

Year: 2020

Volume: 4

Issue: 13

Pages from to:  89-134


7- Name of Writer: Telford Rose, S., Payne, K., De Lisser, T., Harris, O., & Elie, Martine. 

Title of Article: A Comparative Phonological Analysis of Guyanese Creole and Standard American English: A Guide for Speech-Language Pathologists

Journal: Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Group SIG 17

Year: 01st Dec 2020

Volume: 5

Pages from to: 1813–1819



8- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri (أريج خلف و رندة حريري)

Title of Article: في تدريس مادة العلوم على تحسين التحصيل الدراسي لدى عينة من طلاب الصف السادس في المدارس الأهلية في مدينة جدة

Journal: المجلة الدولية

Year: 2019

Volume:  9

Issue: 28

Pages from to: 173 -210

Note: أثر استخدام تطبيق الواقع المعزز (Hp reveal)



9- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri (رنا صلاح الدين و رندة حريري)

Title of Article:  أسباب اخفاق خريجي المرحلة الثانوية في المدارس الحكومية في الأختبارات التحصيلية في المملكة العربية السعودية من وجهة نظر الطلاب الذين اخفقوا في الاختبارات.

Journal: المجلة الدولية للعلوم التربوية والنفسية

Year: 2019

Volume:   8

Issue: 27

Pages from to: 12-53



10- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri (عبير الطاهر و رندة حريري)

Title of Article: أثر تطبيق برنامج الأولمبياد الوطني للإبداع العلمي على التحصيل الدراسي في المواد العلمية للطالبات الموهوبات في المرحلة المتوسطة في مدينة جدة

Journal:  المجلة الدولية للعلوم التربوية والنفسية   

Year: 2019

Volume:  9

Issue: 28

Pages from to:   129-172



11- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri (نجاح السلمي و رندة حريري)

Title of Article: نمط القيادة التربوية السائد في مدارس الموهوبات بمدينة جدة في الملكة العربية السعودية من وجهة نظر المعلمات.

Journal: المجلة الدولية للعلوم التربوية والنفسية

Year: 2019

Volume:  9

Issue: 28

Pages from to:   84-128



12- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri (نورة ألزهراني ورندة حريري)

Title of Article: أنماط الشخصية وأثرها على التميز المهني لدى عينة من المعلمات في ضوء بعض المتغيرات

Journal: المجلة الدولية للعلوم التربوية والنفسية

Year: 2019

Volume:  9

Issue: 28

Pages from to:   34-82



13- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri (كلثوم سابو ورندة حريري)

Title of Article: واقع دور الإشراف التربوي في تحسين الأداء المهني لمعلمات العلوم بالمرحلة الثانوية في محافظة جدة من وجهة نظرهن في ضوء بعض المتغيرات

Journal: مجلة البحث العلمي في التربية

Year: 2019

Volume:  20

Issue: 12

Pages from to:  380-434

DOI: 10.21608/JSRE.2019.62115

14- Name of Writer: Dr. Randa Hariri 

Title of Article: Feedback Informs Learning: The Impact of Question-Based Feedback on Improving Students' Learning Experience.

Journal:  International Conference: Innovation in Teaching and Educational Leadership

Year: 2019

Volume: 1 

Issue: 1

Pages from to:  262-284


15-Name of Writer: Alabbasi, D.O., Stelma, J.

Title of Article: Using Ketso in Qualitative Research with Female Saudi Teachers

Journal:  Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung

Year: May 2018

Volume: 19

Issue: 2

ISSN: 14385627


16- Name of Writer: Spencer V.G., Alkhanji, Rufaida

Title of Article: Response Interruption and Redirection (RIRD) As A Behavioural Intervention for Vocal Stereotypy: A Systematic Review

Journal:  Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Year: 01st March 2018

Volume: 53

Issue: 1

Pages from to:  33-43

ISSN:  21541647

1- Name of Writer: E Elmorsy, a Al-Ghafari, H Al Doghaither, J Ghulam

Title of Article: Effects of Environmental Metals on Mitochondrial Bioenergetics of the CD-1 Mice Pancreatic Beta-Cells

Journal: Journal: Toxicology in Vitro

Year: February 2021.

Volume: Vol 70

Pages: pages: 1 - 14 (0887-2333)

Note:  Journal: Toxicology in Vitro


2-Name of Writer: Al Doghaither H.a, Elmorsy E.b, c, Al-Ghafari A.a, d, e, Ghulam J.f

Title of Article: Roles of oxidative stress, apoptosis, and inflammation in metal-induced dysfunction of beta pancreatic cells isolated from CD1 mice 

Journal: Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences Open Access

Year: January 2021 

Volume: 28

Issue: 1

Pages: 651 - 663        

ISSN: 1319562X


3- Name of Writer: Dr Shamim Shaukat Khan

Title of Article: Spectrophotometric Studies of Ternary Complexes of Erbium to Explore the Hyperchromic Effect with Various Ligands and their use in Micro determination

Journal: Oriental Journal of Chemistry

Year: Dec. 2020

Volume: 36

Issue: 6

Pages: 1128-1133


4- Name of Writer: Raija Pini Kemppainen; Nigel J. Holden

Title of Article: Intertwining the individual and organisational experience: asymmetries of cross-cultural knowledge sharing, networking and learning

Journal: European J. of International Management (EJIM)

Year: 01st November 2020

Volume: 14

Issue: 1

Pages: 92 - 117          

ISSN: 17516757


5-Name of Writer: Ekramy Elmorsy, Walla Alelwani, Shahad Kattan, Nouf Babteen, Afnan Alnajeebi, Jihan Ghulam, Soad Mosad

Title of Article: Antipsychotics inhibit the mitochondrial bioenergetics of pancreatic beta cells isolated from CD1 mice

Journal: Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Year: 29-Aug-20

Volume: 128

Issue: 1

Pages: 154 - 168        

ISSN: 17427835


6- Name of Writer: Dr. Abeer Aldoghaither with Taous-Meriem Laleg-Kirati

Title of Article: Parameter and Differentiation Order Estimation for a two Dimensional Fractional Partial Differential Equation

Journal: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Year: 01st May 2020.

Volume: Volume 360

ISSN: 0377-0427

Note: Publisher: Elsevier


7- Name of Writer: Dr. Shamim Shaukat Khan and Dr. Shifana Fatima Kaafil

Title of Article: “A Comparative Study of Grey Water Generated from Commercial and Residential Building'' 

Journal:  The International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Inder science Publisher

Year: 23rd March 2020

Volume: 25

Issue: 4

ISSN: 487 - 497 


8- Name of Writer: Qutub R.M.a, Al-Ghafari A.B.a, b,Al Doghaither H.A., Omar U.M.a, Ghulam J.M.c

Title of Article: Increased Expressions of Cellular ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters may be a Promising Diagnostic Marker for Colorectal Cancer

Journal: Saudi Medical Journal

Year: 2020.

Volume: 41

Issue: 8

Pages: 834 - 840


9- Name of Writer: Dr. Caroline Attie

Title of the Book: The Middle East in 1958: Reimagining a Revolutionary Year

Year: 2020.

Editor of the Book: J. Karam

Chapter: 13 "The Crisis of 1958 in Lebanon: Political Rivalries"

Publisher: I.B. Tauris, UK.

ISBN: 9781788319423


10-Name of Writer: Dr. Malakeh Itani

Title of Article: Investigating the Effect of Mentor Texts on EFL Undergraduates' Organization in Writing

Journal: International Journal of English Language & Translation Studies

Year: 2020.

Volume: 8

Issue: 3

Pages: 79-87

Issn: 2308 5460


11- Name of Writer: Ms. Doha Abualsaud

Title of Article: Men Pause and Women Talk too much: Power and Gender Negotiations in eliciting data during Semi-Structured Interviews.

Journal: Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year:  31st December 2019

Volume: Volume 4

Issue: 6

Pages: 210-223


12-Name of Writer: Raija Pini Kemppainen

Title of Article: Saudi female innovators as entrepreneurs – theoretical underpinnings

Journal: International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship

Year: 4th June 2019

Volume: 11

Issue: 2

Pages: 166 - 185        

ISSN: 17566266

13-Name of Writer: Alaki A.

Title of Article: A Pen against the Paper Grain: Interview with the Saudi Writer Omaima Al-Khamis

Journal: Contemporary Women's Writing

Year: 31st December 2018

Volume: 12

Issue: 3

Pages: 271 - 288        

ISSN: 17541476


14-Name of Writer: Kemppainen R.P.a, Hilton S.C.b, Rannut U.c

Title of Article: Ethnic Identification and School Language of Russian-speaking Students in Estonia

Journal: Journal of Language, Identity and Education

Year: 20th October 2015

Volume: 14

Issue: 5           

ISSN: 15348458

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