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Faculty Conference Presentations

Name Presentation Title Conference NameYear
Dr. Tamsen Anderson "Burn Those Places Down": Arson and the Transformation of Chicago's Slaughterhouse Landscape, 1860s -1890s    The Vernacular Architecture Forum Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania  1, June 2019 
Dr. Karima Hussein Learning Obstacles in Observational Drawing and
Three Dimensional Design Courses, a case study
The SOCIOINT 2019 / ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index. 2019 6th International Conference on Education,
Social Sciences and Humanities held in Istanbul
24-26, June 2019
Dr. Ahlam Alaki "In the Holy Land, a Novel From Hell: Spewing Sparks as Big as Castles."
It is on page 2 – link below:
"The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture" International Conference – London, UK organized by London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research.17, August 2019
Dr. Samah AlaghaReconciliation: A Prevention of Corruption or Invitation to Corruption! Where are we going?Presentation at an international conference without proceedings: Al Agha, S. 1-8, September  2019
Dr. Randa HaririAssessment Informs Learning: The Effect of Using "Question-Based Feedback" on Maximizing Students' Achievement and Enhancing their Learning Experience.
Proceeding of the Conference
جامعة دار الحكمة مؤتمر الإبداع في التعليم والقيادة3 -4, November 2019
Dr. Randa Hariri"Feedback Informs Learning: The Impact of Question-Based Feedback on Improving Students' Learning Experience".Published in the proceeding of the International Conference: Innovation in Teaching and Educational Leadership2019

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