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Undergraduate Tuition


In accordance with the Royal Decree No. 3/113 of 2/11/1438 to impose a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 5% on all goods and services with effect from January 1, 2018 (14 Rabee II 1439). Accordingly, you are required to pay a 5% VAT on all the services provided by the University, starting January 1, 2018 and thereafter. 

“Effective July 1, 2020. VAT will be applicable at 15%. All services provided effective July 1, 2020 will be charged 15% irrespective of the date of payment.”

Tuition Fees

For New Regular / Summer / Visiting / Auditing Students Effective 2019:

Dar Al-Hekma University is a private, non-profit institution of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides a simple and easy admission process including online admission. Complete application packages are available at the Admissions Office.

Tuition Fee per Semester
Tuition Fee by Degree
Per Credit HourTuition Fee Auditing EvaluatedTuition Fee Auditing Non Evaluated

 OptionsDue Date
Plan 1100% paymentDec 20, 2020
Plan 250% paymentDec 20, 2020
 Remaining 50% paymentFeb 4, 2021
Plan 334% paymentDec 20, 2020
 33% paymentFeb 4, 2021
 33% paymentMar 4, 2021

A. The normal tuition fee per semester covers the cost of a normal student load.

B. Normal load is defined as 12-18 credit hours per semester.

C. A load of more than 18 credit hours is considered as an overload.

D. A student who takes overload is to pay the cost of the extra credit hours over and above the university normal tuition fee.

If you have overload please process your request through the petition system and pay the amount for the overload credits by bank transfer. Accounting will approve your overload in the petition system only after payment is completed for the overload credits. Note that overload tuition is in addition to the normal tuition appearing in the SIS.

Rate for overload for undergraduate students is as follows:


 All Bachelors except ArchitectureArchitecture
 SaudiNon SaudiSaudiNon Saudi
Rate per credit SR   2,700.00    3,105.00    3,050.00    3,507.50
Rate for 3 credit course SR   8,100.00    9,315.00    9,150.00  10,522.50
Rate for 4 credit course SR10,800.00  12,420.00  12,200.00  14,030.00
Rate for 6 credits SR16,200.00  18,630.00  18,300.00  21,045.00

I. Registration and Tuition Payment

A. On-Time Registration: 

1. Students who are registered on the day before the first day of classes for at least one credit hour for the semester fall under "On-time Registration" status.

2. Students who subsequently drop to zero credits and then add a course will also have the "On-time Registration" status.

B. Late Registration

1. Students who have not registered at all prior to the first day of classes and who then register anytime between the first day of classes and 4:00 pm on the fifth (5th) day of classes fall under "Late Registration" status. 

2. Returning students under "Late Registration" status must pay a nonrefundable fee of 1000 SR (1,150 SR  VAT included) in addition to their tuition fees. 

3. New and reactivated students are exempt from the Late Registration Fee. 

4. Students who did not register on time due to financial hold are exempt from Late Registration Fee.

C. Overdue Tuition

1. Students who have not paid their tuition by 4:00 PM on the fifth (5th) day after the beginning of the semester as per the academic calendar fall under the "Overdue Tuition" status.

2. The Registration Unit Office will suspend the registration of all students who fail to pay their tuition by 4:00 PM on the (10th)working day after the (5th) fifth day after the beginning of the semester as per the academic calendar. Schedules will be dropped for students with suspended registration and they will not be allowed to:

        a. Attend classes or take exams;

        b. Register for the following semester.

3. The Summer session and Module-based program: The Registration Unit will suspend the registration of all students who fail to pay their tuition by 4:00 PM on the  fifth (5th) day after the beginning of the semester as per the academic calendar. The schedules will be dropped for students with suspended, and they will not be allowed to:

         a. Attend classes or take exams.

         b. Register for the following semester.

II. Refund Policy for Undergraduate Program Withdrawals

A. A Regular student who officially withdraws from the university in accordance with the official procedures and whose textbooks are still intact is eligible for a partial refund of tuition fees as follows:

i. Fall/Spring Semester

1. Before the first day of classes of the semester95%
2. Before the end of the first week of classes80%
3. Before the end of the second week of classes70%
4. Before the end of the third week of classes50 %
5. Before the end of the fourth week of classes25%
6. After the fourth week of classesNone

ii. Summer Semester (all summer sessions)

1. Before the first 1st day of classes95%
2. Before the third 3rd day of classes80%
3. Before the fourth 4th day of classes70%
4. Before the fifth 5th day of classes50%
5. Before the sixth 6th day of classes25%
6. After the sixth 6th day of classes​​None

iii. Module Based Program

1. Before the 1st day of the semester100%
2. Before the end of the drop period of the module  90%
3. After the drope period of the module0%


B. Sponsorship / Scholarship students (including DAH, AL Elm and MOHE) are not entitled to a refund on the the first day of classes as their seats have already been reserved/assigned.

C. In case a student registers, pays her tuition fees, and does not show up for two weeks after the beginning of classes, she will be considered disenrolled and her tuition payment will not be refunded.

D. Tuition fees are the only type of fees that the Accounting Department refunds.

Payment Options


Starting Fall 2017-2018 it is mandatory for all existing student to pay their tuition fees through the individual bank account number that is assigned to them by the university.

This bank account number is available on the student's SIS portal under Registration → Student Bank Account Information.
Students should only use the account number that they can view on their portal.


New students can pay by the following payment options:

C. Bank transfer

BANK ACCOUNT NO.13617120000209

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers can be made from a KSA or non-KSA bank account. Guardians/students must quote the student's university ID 
number and family name as a reference.
Once the transfer has been processed, please EMAIL the transfer/deposit/payment slip with the student's name and ID number to

Payment timeframe

All payments are made on a semester basis. Payments are to be made within the first five days of the semester.


A student will not receive her class schedule or be able to attend any classes, until the semester charges are paid in full. All tuition charges must be paid before the fifth day of classes.

Financial Record

Financial record is the student's complete record of financial transactions with the university. This includes:

  • Billings and payments of fees, scholarships, or financial awards;
  • Accounts payable; and
  • Other fees or fines assigned by the university.

    The Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for maintaining the university's billing and financial record. Campus officials may access this record only on a "need to know" basis and will keep this information confidential. No information from this record may be released outside the university without the written consent of the student or her guardian. A copy of the financial record may be provided to a student or her guardian at their request.

Non-refundable fee

Educational Fee:

A non-refundable fee of SR 1,150 (VAT included) per semester includes IT resources, compulsory training program, labs, facilities and other educational materials.

Application Fee:

A non-refundable application fee of SR 575 (VAT included) must accompany each application for admission.

Registration Fee and Down Payment:

All new students must pay the following fees:

  1. SR 5,000 Non-refundable Registration Fee
  2. SR 5,000 down payment


The total amount of SR 10,000 fees will be applied toward enrolled students's tuition fee.

The above fees are based on the current fee structure of the university and are subject to change.

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