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Diplomacy and International Relations

Program Mission

To graduate female leaders who have the analytical skills and international perspective to communicate and serve across cultural, ethnic, and geographic borders.

Program Overview

Diplomacy and International relations is the study of interactions at the global level, among states, as well as between states and other entities, such as international organizations and nonstate actors. How these actors interface with each other affects international trade, economic prosperity, migration, the global environmental, cross-border crime, war, and, ultimately, global peace and security. These outcomes are felt not just at the international level, but also at national and local levels.

Why choose the Diplomacy and International Relations Program at Dar Al-Hekma University?

The Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations (BADIR) program at Dar Al-Hekma University is the first undergraduate program in the Kingdom for women wishing to study international relations. The curriculum is entirely in English, providing students the opportunity to study in a global language used by international organizations and global networks. The BADIR curriculum combines theory with practice and is designed to provide students with the tools for understanding and analyzing the complex interactions among global actors. Students learn about theories of international relations, global politics, international law, culture, migration, environmental sustainability, and economics. They also develop practical skills through courses on economic analysis, negotiation, and policy analysis, as well as through an internship during their final year of study. Students acquire outstanding critical thinking and writing skills that allow them to analyze and assess current global events and to create policy recommendations. The capstone of this intense analytical training is the production of a senior thesis.Students also have the option to engage directly at the international level by taking part in a yearly trip abroad during the spring break. These study trips focus on introducing students to cultures, institutions, and economies different from their own. Faculty in the BADIR program have lived and conducted research in communities around the world, and therefore, bring a diverse perspective to their classrooms. BADIR students themselves also come from a variety of backgrounds, and they have the opportunity to expand their horizons by taking classes with students in the Business and Law programs.Graduates of the program are well-prepared to go on to work in the diplomacy, government, business, non-profit, or community service sectors, or to pursue graduate study in Saudi Arabia or abroad.

ProgramTOEFL Score (University Level)Required Certificate PercentageQudurat Test ScoreOther Admission Requirements
Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy
and International Relations
510A minimum High-School Percentage of 80%65%None

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  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of essential features of the international system.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cultural, religious, ethnic, and social factors in decision-making in the international system.
  • Assess scholarly writing and public policies.
  • Conduct a pertinent research project in the area of international relations.
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Utilize economic models in explaining international policy-making.
University Requirement 19
Ministry requirement 14
Required General Elective 6
Free Elective6
School Requirement 43
Major Core Requirement 33
Program Elective 9
Total credit hours for graduation 130

Example Careers

  • Foreign service officer
  • Ministry employee
  • Civil servant
  • Analyst for intergovernmental organization
  • Administrator at non-profit organization
  • Researcher
  • Development aid worker
  • International businesswoman
  • University professor (following graduate studies)
  • ommunity volunteer

Dr. Caroline Attie

Assistant Professor

Hekma School of Business and Law, General Education

Dr. Dareen Abdulmohsen

Chair - Assistant Professor

Hekma School of Business and Law

Dr. Sadig Abdulhameed Malki

Visiting Assistant Professor

Hekma School of Business and Law

Key Facts

Program Name

Diplomacy and International Relations

Academic Degree


Credit Hours


Program Length

4 Years

Mode of study

Full time

Dr. Dareen Talal Abdulmohsen

Chair, Diplomacy & International Relations Department; Acting Director, Scientific Research Center and the Library

PhD, Cultural Studies, George Mason University, USA, 2018

MA, Public Anthropology, The American University, USA, 2008

BA, International Studies, The American University, USA, 2004

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